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Deptford Township, NJ Navien Water Heater Installation and Replacement

SPS Mechanical Inc. provides installation and replacements on all models of tank and tankless water heaters in the Deptford Township, NJ area such as Navien tankless water heaters. If your old water heater needs to be replaced, or if you want to learn about the new generation of high–efficiency water heaters, give us a call. We can discuss all the options available to homeowners today and help you make the right choice.

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Tank Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Tank water heaters are by far the most widely used type of residential water heater. They’re reliable, relatively easy to service and, depending on the model and other conditions, can last well over a decade. Unlike some other types of heaters, there’s no lag time waiting for the water to heat up. They supply hot water almost instantly when you turn on the tap. Tank water heaters are a safe and dependable choice for any home.

Choosing a Navien Tankless Water Heater in Deptford Township, NJ

Heating water for showers, bathing, laundry, cleaning, and many other routine tasks can account for up to 25 percent of your annual energy bill. That’s why Navien tankless water heaters have become so popular. Tankless units can provide the same amount of hot water with much less energy consumption.

Unlike a traditional water heating system that burns energy to keep a large tank of hot water available, a tankless system only expends energy to heat water as it’s being used. Plus, there’s no large tank sitting on the floor taking up space. Most tankless units are about the size of a suitcase, or less, and are mounted on wall.

SPS Mechanical Inc. provides installation and repairs on Navien tankless water heaters and all other models as well. If you have a tankless unit that needs service or if you’re thinking of purchasing a new water heater for your home, SPS Mechanical Inc.’s expert staff is ready to help.

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heater

Installing a new water heater is a big investment. SPS Mechanical Inc.’s service team can answer any questions you have about brands and models. If you’re replacing an old tank heater with a tankless model, or a new high–efficiency tank water heater, here are some things to consider:

  • Gas or Electric? Each type has its own advantages. For most Deptford Township, NJ area homes, gas powered water heaters are less expensive to operate. However, gas heaters must be vented to the outside, which restricts where they can be placed in your home. They also require that natural gas or propane service be available. Electric water heaters can be placed almost anywhere inside your home, and they don’t need to be vented or have access to a gas line. Electric water heaters also have fewer functional parts, so they can last much longer.
  • Size matters. Tank water heaters come in a range of sizes, from 28 to 80 gallon units. The standard sizes found in most homes are 40 and 50 gallon tanks. A 40 gallon tank should have plenty of capacity for singles, couples, and small families. A larger family may need a 50 gallon tank or larger.
  • High tech or economy model? Tank water heaters vary in terms of the type and thickness of the tank insulation, the efficiency of the heating system, the quality of the metal components, and other features. Generally, electric heaters cost less than gas heaters, and regardless of the type of fuel, the more energy efficient models cost more than less efficient ones. But don’t let that stop you from considering a high efficiency unit. Depending on how much water you use, the difference in price could quickly be regained by lower electric or gas bills.