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Gloucester County, NJ Video Pipe Inspection Services

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As your Gloucester County, NJ video camera pipe inspection provider, SPS Mechanical Inc. uses the most up-to-date technology to quickly diagnose and resolve problems with drainage and sewer lines. One of the most valuable tools now available to us is video pipe inspection. It allows us to see inside the drainage pipes to not only find the source of a blockage but to also look for other potential problem areas.

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We can inspect the pipe after the block is removed to make sure we got all of it and that it did not cause any damage. Keeping your drainage and sewer lines open and functioning correctly is absolutely essential for maintaining a safe, efficient plumbing system in your home.

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Video Camera Inspection in Gloucester County, NJ

Before video camera pipe inspection services were available, locating and clearing drainage system blocks was mainly guesswork. The plumber would snake a rotating mechanical cable into the drain lines until resistance was felt, indicating that the block had been reached. The plumber would continue to rotate and push the cable into the block, hoping to break it up and, possibly, snag part of it so that it could be pulled back out of the drain. The only way to tell if the drain was open was to run water through it. If water ran freely through the drain, the block was considered fixed.

With video pipe inspection technology a thin, flexible fiber optic cable is fed into the drain until it reaches the blockage. Depending on the location and type of blockage, a SPS Mechanical Inc. plumber can break it up with a mechanical cable or blast it out with a jet of water. The plumber then inspects the line to make sure the block has been completely removed, and not just pushed further down the line to cause trouble later.

Being able to quickly locate the block decreases the time spent grinding the mechanical plumbing snake through the pipes. That reduces the chance of damaging the drain pipes in your home. By being able to see the location of the block, the plumber can more easily understand what caused it and use that information to prevent future problems.

Sewer Repair Services by SPS Mechanical Inc.

A video camera pipe inspection also allows our plumbers to quickly locate and remove blocks that occur in the sewer line outside your home. That means faster, cleaner, and safer restoration of your sewer line service.

For blocks that occur in the sewer lines, video inspection technology greatly reduces the need to dig up the sewer pipes to locate a blockage. The technology also allows SPS Mechanical Inc. to inspect the pipes in older homes to look for signs of aging and wear that could cause serious and expensive problems later on.

SPS Mechanical Inc.’s plumbers can also inspect the full length of the sewer pipes to check for tree and plant roots that have infiltrated the line. We can also make sure that no cracks or holes have developed, and that the joints between pipes are secure. If you have a blockage in your drain or sewer line, you can rely on the Gloucester County, NJ video camera pipe inspection service at SPS Mechanical Inc. to resolve the issue more quickly and effectively.


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