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Deptford Township, NJ Backflow Preventer Certification and Testing

When you need backflow preventer certification and testing in Deptford Township, NJ, call SPS Mechanical Inc.. We can provide you with emergency repair services or advice on a new backflow prevention device for your sewage system. A malfunctioning backflow preventer is a plumbing emergency that must be remedied immediately.

You should not use any plumbed appliances – sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines – until the problem is fixed. If you’re backflow preventer has stopped working, or if you need a new one installed, our fully–trained technicians can handle all aspects of the job, from the initial planning to the final quality check and inspection.

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Backflow Prevention Device Maintenance in Deptford Township, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

Unlike your home’s water delivery system, which functions by water pressure, the drainage system relies entirely on gravity to make it work. In simple terms, that means the water must always be flowing downhill. The outflow pipe where the waste water leaves the house should be at the lowest point in the system. The connection to the municipal sewer system should be even lower. Otherwise, the waste water will stop flowing and start to back up.

But what happens if your home is lower than the attachment to the municipal sewer line? Gravity alone will not be able to keep the waste water moving. Sewer ejector pumps give the drainage system a boost by pumping the waste water into the sewer line. The backflow prevention device is usually a check valve within the sewer ejector pump system. You should have the pump system and backflow preventer maintained by a certified plumber on a regular basis to prevent breakdowns, which can allow waste water to flow back into your fresh water supply.

Deptford Township, NJ Sewer Ejector Pump Repairs

Obviously, any mechanical device that is continuously exposed to water and organic waste is going to require repairs from time to time. Sewer ejector pumps are not designed to run constantly. They turn on when the waste water build up in the line triggers a switch, and turn off when the water level drops back down. Over time, this causes wear and tear on the electrical components in the pump.

Water can corrode the mechanical components in the pump. Minerals, detergents, and other chemicals in the water can accelerate the corrosion. Solid objects flushed down the toilet, such as diapers, wipes, and paper towels, can jam up the pump, causing the waste water to back up in your home and forcing the pump to run constantly.

We can handle any backflow preventer or sewer ejector pump repair. If you need an emergency repair, call us immediately so that we can get your pump running again ASAP. This will help prevent damage to your home and health hazards.

Backflow Preventer Certification

SPS Mechanical Inc. also provides backflow preventer testing and certification. Even if your device seems to be operating correctly, you should consider having it inspected or tested to help avoid any sudden breakdowns or other problems.

But if the pump cannot be fixed, or if fixing it would likely cost more than simply replacing it, one of our backflow preventer installers will give you an honest explanation of the problem and suggest the best options available to keep your drainage system working safely and effectively. Don’t hesitate to call SPS Mechanical Inc. for any of your Deptford Township, NJ backflow preventer service needs.