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Deptford Township, NJ Zone Control Systems

Zone control systems work with your current central heating and AC system to create "zones" or areas within the home that are heated or cooled with a separate thermostat. When you heat or cool an entire house at the same temperature, it can waste a lot of energy, whereas a zone control system will allow you to set temperatures according to the preferences of the occupants in each room or zone. In addition to saving energy and lowering your bills, a zone control system allows you to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone in the home no matter what their preferences are.

At SPS Mechanical Inc., we can handle everything from installing your zone control system to maintaining it so that it will continue to perform at optimal levels for many years. We offer many popular brands and quality installation services, and our friendly HVAC experts are happy to help you choose the right zone control system for your needs. Contact us any time and ask to speak with one of our professional team members about installing a zone control system in your home.

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Zone Control Installation in Deptford Township, NJ and the Surrounding Area

One of the main advantages of installing a zone control system is that it can be integrated into your current heating and cooling system. They can even be used with forced air systems by installing dampers in the ductwork, which are controlled by a panel is connected to the main heating or cooling unit. The dampers open when more air is needed in a specific zone, and they close when an area doesn’t need as much air supply.

When you decide to install a zone control system, you will first need to choose how many zones you want, which will determine how many dampers and thermostats are needed. If you aren’t sure how many zones you should have, call one of our experts for advice. We can send someone to your home to assess your current system and help you make a decision. Our technicians can also take care of upgrading your current system if it needs any improvements or repairs before the new installation.

Zone Control Thermostat Service in Deptford Township, NJ

Because zone control systems supply hot or cool air to the different areas of your home individually, each zone is controlled by a separate thermostat. Depending on the type of system you are using, you will need to determine what type of thermostat to install in each area. Typically, it’s best to install wireless thermostats so that you have more flexibility when creating the different zones in your home. Call us any time to ask about the thermostats we can install for you.

Zone Control Repair with SPS Mechanical Inc.

In addition to installation and replacements, we offer maintenance plans and 24/7 repairs for zone control systems. Whether you are installing a heating and air conditioning system for a new home construction, or you need a repair or tune–up on an existing system, call SPS Mechanical Inc.. We are here to take care of all your Deptford Township, NJ zone control needs. Call us any time.