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Deptford Township, NJ Boiler Installation and Replacement

At SPS Mechanical Inc., our Deptford Township, NJ boiler installation and replacement services have got you covered when it comes to saving energy. We offer installations for a variety of high–efficiency boilers that provide better control of your comfort. We have many different models that work with existing steam or hot water systems. We also offer installations for radiant floors and hot water heaters that work with existing boilers. Call us today to learn more about all the heating options we have available.

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Saving Energy with a New Boiler

Installing a new Energy Star boiler system is one way to reduce your energy use. We offer a variety of brands and models with high AFUE ratings. We will make sure that you get the right size and type for your home. Oversizing a boiler is common and can create problems down the road, such as added stress on the system or improper ventilation. If you aren’t sure what type of boiler to purchase for the best energy savings, call the energy experts at SPS Mechanical Inc.. We provide audits and will help you make sure that your home is ready for a new high–efficiency heating system.

Boiler Replacement and Retrofits in Deptford Township, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

If you aren’t sure whether or not you are ready to replace your existing boiler, call us. There are options for retrofitting your boiler system if you don’t want to replace the entire boiler. We can install a new aquastat for better temperature control. The aquastat is the thermostat on your boiler that controls the temperature for the hot water used to heat your home. Your water heater has a separate thermostat. By installing a modulating aquastat, you can save more energy during the months when you don’t need to heat your home as much. Modulating aquastats are also called an outdoor resets because they have sensors to read the outdoor temperatures and automatically adjust the hot water temperature

Many homeowners also choose to add a flue damper if there’s not one in the existing chimney used to vent gas boilers. Installing intermittent ignition devices is another option; however, always speak with a professional about the overall benefits of these devices since they aren’t cost–effective in some situations.

Deptford Township, NJ Thermostat Upgrades

Whether you are installing a new boiler system in your home, or retrofitting your current system, installing the right type of thermostat can help reduce energy use. Wireless and programmable options are available for greater flexibility in where it can be installed, and many of the new thermostats on the market have advanced features for easier use and greater control over the temperatures in your home. For retrofitting jobs, we will ensure that you get the right thermostat for the design of the new system. Call us if you have questions about installing a thermostat for steam or hot water boiler systems.

Call the Deptford Township, NJ Boiler Specialists at SPS Mechanical Inc. Today!

SPS Mechanical Inc. offers installation and replacement services in Deptford Township, NJ and the surrounding areas. We take pride in our services, and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Whether you are interested in a new gas boiler, or you are interested in upgrading some of the components of your steam boiler system, call the experts at SPS Mechanical Inc. any time. We can help you find the right solutions to all your boiler needs.