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The SPS Home Performance Process

Are you spending more money to heat your home? Is your ductwork costing you money? Are there areas of your home that do not get the hot or cool air from your system? At SPS Mechanical we have a process to improve your homes performance, which will improve your indoor air quality, and save you money. 

Step 1. Home Performance Evaluation 

We will perform a complete evalution of your homes heating and cooling system to uncover any and all issues and inefficiencies. 

Step 2. Duct Cleaning

Once we complete the home performance, we will want to clean the ductwork of any dust, debris, and germs. This is to improve air quality of your indoor environment.

Step 3. Duct Sealing

The last step in the process is to seal the ducts. The product we use is Aeroseal, which is a scientifically engineered technology that locates and seals all leaks in your ductwork. 

To learn more about the home performance process and the AeroSeal product, we have included a couple helpful videos below:


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