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Home Performance Evaluations in Gloucester County, NJ

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SPS Mechanical Inc. provides home performance evaluations in Gloucester County, NJ and in homes throughout the area. A home performance evaluation can pinpoint and help eliminate air leaks, moisture problems, drafts in certain areas of the home, and improve indoor air quality. Our team uses the latest in technology to find the right solutions for overall home efficiency. If you are concerned about the air tightness, insulation, or ductwork in your home, call today to schedule a home performance evaluation with us.


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Preparing your Home for a Home Performance Evaluation and Blower Door Test

Typically, home performance evaluations start with a blower door test. A blower door is basically a large fan that is mounted and sealed into an exterior door so that it can pull the air out and lower the air pressure indoors. This allows for the high–pressure outside air to flow through any cracks or places that are unsealed.

Here are a few steps to follow before we arrive at your home:

  • Close all windows and exterior doors and open interior doors
  • Turn down all thermostats, including your water heater
  • Close fireplace doors, dampers, and cover ashes with damp newspapers
  • Keep pets in an area away from the blower door

Insulating Your Home

One of the biggest areas of air loss is through a poorly insulated attic. Whether the heat is lost through the attic in the winter, or when heat from outside heats up the attic in the summer, it puts an extra burden on your heating and air conditioning system.

Attic insulation can be placed either in the floor of your attic or in the roof of your house to keep excess heat from entering your home. This helps to ensure that your home stays at cooler temperatures. It’s important to have an expert inspect your home and perform the appropriate measurements to determine what R–Value is right to properly insulate your attic.

Duct Cleaning and Duct Sealing

On average, between 10–30% of air is lost in leaky ducts. When you are losing that much air, it can add up to a lot of extra money spent throughout the year to keep your home comfortable. In addition to blower door test, we perform duct testing services to locate weak points in your ductwork that might cause some of those extra costs. Not only could your ductwork be leaking slightly, but it could have been improperly sized or installed. Duct testing and duct cleaning services help identify these problems and ensure that your system is in optimal shape for adequate indoor air circulation.

We Provide Home Performance Evaluations in Gloucester County, NJ and the Surrounding Area

SPS Mechanical Inc. provides home performance evaluations throughout Gloucester County, NJ and the surrounding areas. We perform blower door tests, duct testing, and offer solutions to help you save more energy. If you are thinking of installing a new high–efficiency heating or AC system, make sure your home is ready with one of our comprehensive home performance evaluations. Call any time to schedule an appointment.

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