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Regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)

We know that these are uncertain times, and we want to let you know that we're committed to keeping you comfortable in your home as the seasons change. We are still fully operating, and have implemented enhanced safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees:

We have instituted processes and procedures to help protect our employees and customers from getting and spreading this virus during this stressful time:

  • We will practice the recommended hand hygiene, including handwashing or sanitizing prior or immediately after entering our facility and upon exit. Additionally, technicians are to do the same prior to entering a customer’s home or facility and after leaving.
  • The technicians are to wear booties and gloves prior to entering customer spaces. Our technicians will discard the gloves and other protective garments to an assigned trash location.
  • All SPS Employees will be wearing masks during their customer visits to protect our employee’s and our customers
  • All SPS Employees will be routinely tested for COVID-19 via an outside agency
  • We will practice social distancing both at SPS and at customer locations, keeping a 6’ minimum distance between yourself and others. SPS meetings will be held in a way that will facilitate this requirement.
  • If any of our technicians or staff are sick, they will stay home and if they have symptoms of the virus, they will get tested. If you are sick, please contact our team about rescheduling.

Upon completion of work at customer locations, technicians will clean any areas that they worked in (sanitizing). Technicians will write up invoices as they do now, then take a picture of the document and text or email it to the customer. Payment can be collected by using Payzer without swiping for credit cards. Checks can be processed without touching.

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