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What Does the Anode Rod Do?

Sacrificial anode rods are an essential component in tank-style water heaters. You can screw them into the top of the tank so that they protrude into the water stored inside. These rods help add to the tank’s longevity and make sure it keeps working.

A sacrificial anode rod possesses a lower, negative electrochemical potential and attracts any particles of limestone, iron, or other minerals that may be present in the water. These minerals would typically cause the tank to corrode over time. However, when you add an anode rod, the minerals corrode the rod instead. This is why it is called a “sacrificial anode rod”: it sacrifices itself in order to extend the water heater’s life.

The anode rod is typically made of zinc, magnesium, or aluminum. In comparison, the water heater is made of steel. When minerals like iron enter the tank, they are more attracted to the rod because of its lower negative charge. 

Replacing an Anode Rod to Extend Your Water Heater’s Life 

Over time, the anode rod will decay, and you need to get it replaced. Once it has corroded completely, your water heater tank will no longer be protected from any corrosive elements present in the water. The corrosion process is typically accelerated at high temperatures too. 

Depending on the quality of your water, an anode rod can last about 3 to 5 years. Opting for professional service on a regular basis to get it replaced can extend the life of your water heater. If you replace an anode rod before it corrodes completely, you can slow down the corrosion process inside the tank. This can add to the life of tank-style water heaters in Glassboro. 

While there might be plenty of online, DIY tutorials about checking your water heater’s anode rod, we highly advise against performing any check yourself. The water in your tank water heater is very hot, and it can be a health and safety hazard when trying to flush it without the proper training!

This is the perfect opportunity to call a trusted professional to help you out

When this happens, it’s important to inspect the anode rod and look at its condition. Then you can consider replacing it.

We recommend calling a professional here to conduct an inspection. Besides that you could hurt yourself during the draining process, a professional will also be able to accurately identify if the anode rod needs replacement. Moreover, they’ll be able to replace the rod and make sure it is working properly. 

We recommend getting your anode rod replaced at least every 5 years to make sure your water heater keeps working properly. 

Take Advantage of Professional Anode Rod Inspection and Replacement 

If you live in Glassboro or its surrounding areas, get in touch with our team to get your rod inspected and replaced when required.

Here at SPS Mechanical Inc., our experienced plumbers can determine if your anode rod is fit for use and help extend the life of your water heater. Comfort At Your Service.

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