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Tank vs Tankless: Which Water Heater Is for Me?

water-heaterIt’s easy to take our water heaters for granted, despite them being one of the appliances that we rely on the most (can you imagine bathing without hot water?)

When it comes time to replace your water heater—or if you’re installing one for a brand new home—then you’ll want to trust in an expert of plumbing in Sewell, NJ to help you decide.

There are many differences between the two units. The “best” unit is the one that can serve your needs best! Here’s a brief rundown on both systems:

Tank Water Heaters

These are some of the most common water heaters you’ll see in people’s homes. One reason for that might be because they simply do the job required of them at a low price.

Their distinguishing feature is that they use a storage tank. These tanks are available in different sizes, by the gallon.

Why the need for different sizes? That’s because once a tank heater’s hot water supply runs out, there will be a big delay in time as it heats up a new batch. By having a larger reserve of water to draw from, you can use the hot water for longer (or for more appliances) without having to refill it so frequently.

Unfortunately, one drawback is that the hot water that goes unused will suffer from standby heat loss. If you install a tank that’s too large for your needs, you might even see this standby heat loss appearing as a spike in your energy bill. Therefore, buying a tank that’s too large can be just as inefficient as one that’s too small.

Tank water heaters are available for both gas and electric fuel systems. Both types are affordable and offer around the same benefits, so the type of fuel system you use is largely up to what’s convenient for you and your needs.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are an alternative to tank heaters that function in a fundamentally different way. As the name suggests, they don’t use a storage tank! Instead, these systems create hot water through electrical resistance. The hot water only comes on when you need it.

This makes tankless water heaters the most efficient option in the long run. No standby heat loss means no wasted energy. Plus, they can last about 5 to 10 years longer than your average storage tank water heater.

One drawback, however, is that these heaters won’t be able to keep up if demand suddenly increases. Let’s say your tankless water heater is sized for two people. Then, you have family members staying for an extended time who use hot water just as much. That might create some noticeable lapses in hot water!

Tankless water heaters are efficient electric water heaters, but natural gas models are also available. However, it will cost a bit extra to have a natural gas tankless water heater installed, so do keep it in mind.

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