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You Might Need a New Water Heater if it Fits This List

tank-water-heaterWater heaters can last quite a while, but they don’t last forever. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your water heater if you’ve had it for a while, so that you can tell as early as possible whether or not the system is in need of replacement. If you miss the warning signs, you risk suddenly finding yourself without hot water when your system breaks down on you. So, consider consulting a technician about installing a new water heater if your current system fits this list of symptoms.

Problems Heating Water

Chronically low heating output is a common sign that your water heater is reaching the end of its life. The longer the system is used, the more wear and tear it will accumulate. As this wear reaches a critical point, the system will start to struggle to provide enough hot water for even a moderate amount of demand. If your water heater can’t seem to keep up with your needs anymore, then it’s time for a new one.

Frequent Breakdowns

The system can break down every once in a while over the years, just like most home systems. The closer the water heater is to the end of its life, though, the more likely it will be to break down on a regular basis. The wear and tear on the various parts of the water heater will cause them to fail in groups. If your water heater is breaking down multiple times a year, you definitely should talk to a technician about installing a new system.

Old Age

Most of the issues with water heaters are related to old age. The older the water heater gets, the more prone to developing chronic issues the system will become. The chronic issues with the water heater will mount over time, making it more and more expensive to keep the system operating. Eventually, the strain on the old water heater will be too much and cause the system to break down entirely. Contact a professional if your water heater is older than 15, as that is often the age at which the system will begin to have these sorts of chronic problems.

Please keep in mind that the above symptoms are just general guidelines, and are not always present when a water heater is in need of replacement. If you’re unsure of whether or not your system needs replacing, the best thing to do is always consult with a professional technician in person. They’ll be able to identify whether or not your water heater is in need of replacing, as well as recommend the best new system you should install for your home. Always call a professional before making any big decisions about when to install or replace major home systems.

SPS Mechanical Inc. offers a full range of Deptford Township plumbing services. If you need a new water heater installed in your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.

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