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Ask a Plumber: What’s Wrong with My Septic System?

Monday, July 8th, 2013

If you have a septic system on your property that is causing you problems, there are a huge variety of things that could be causing the issue. Usually, you’ll need to call a plumber if you’re having problems with your septic system. At SPS Mechanical, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service for all different types of issues including septic repair. Make sure you take a look at some of the things that could be causing your septic system to not work well.

  • Septic tank full – Usually, depending on how many people are in your household, septic systems need to be serviced and emptied about once per year. If you haven’t had this service performed regularly it could be causing your toilets and drains to back-up.
  • Leech field or soakway problems – Another very common problem with septic system is the leech field (also called the soakway). If you hear gurgling sounds from your drains and toilets, if your toilets are backed up, or if you try to drain your bathtub and it fills up your toilet or sink it could mean that your leech field is clogged. Other indications of this could be foul odors around your home’s drains or indentations in your yard where the leech field is.
  • Leech field too deep – Another very serious issue could be that your leech field or soakway is buried too deep. If your leech field is too deep there won’t be enough oxygen to allow the growth of the proper bacteria cultures that feed on the waste. It could allow other type of bacteria to grow which would clog the pipes with mold and slime.

When you need a Sewell, NJ plumber just call the experts at SPS Mechanical. We’re available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies because we know that things don’t always break down when it’s convenient. Give us a call today to talk with one of our friendly plumbers. 

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Air Conditioning Repair: How Damaged Coils Affect Operation

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Our air conditioning systems are complex, comprising various components, connections, and mechanisms, all of which work cooperatively to provide respite from the heat outside during the cooling season. As you probably already know, one of the major components of your system is the coils. The coils in the outside unit are known as the condenser; those in the indoor unit known as the evaporator. While they are both coils, they have very different—some might say opposite—functions. Refrigerant circulates through these coils, pressurized as they are by the compressor pump. The refrigerant condenses in the condenser coil by dissipating heat, and evaporates in the evaporator coil by cooling air, hence their respective names. But when the coils become damaged, they can dramatically reduce the ability of your air conditioning system to function properly. For air conditioning repair in Woodbury, NJ, call the experts at SPS Mechanical today!

Let’s take a look at how damage coils affect operation:

  • Evaporator coil: Your evaporator coil is responsible for cooling the air that is then sent throughout your ductwork. It is usually shaped like a pyramid with the bottom open, so that any condensed water that accumulates in the process can drip into the condensate pan. If it’s covered in dust or debris, then the coils become much less effective in cooling the air and absorbing the heat its heat. If they are damaged, it can lead to improper dehumidification and frozen coils.
  • Condenser coil: Your condenser coils typically wrap the enclosure of the outdoor unit, to maximize heat dissipation, which is also assisted by a vertical exhaust fan. Its purpose, as already mentioned, is to disperse the heat of the gas refrigerant, which has been highly pressurized and heated by the compressor. Because the temperature of the refrigerant is hotter than the outside air, the heat quickly dissipates. If this process is disturbed by damage the coils, this dissipation cannot take place. This can result in warm air coming through your ducts.

These are just a few of the issues resulting from damaged coils. For expert air conditioning repair in Woodbury, NJ, call SPS Mechanical today! 

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Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance in Cherry Hill, NJ

Monday, April 29th, 2013

While most homeowners are diligent when it comes to AC repairs, there is always room for improvement when it comes to routine air conditioning maintenance. There are many benefits to keeping your AC in top shape year round, from energy efficiency to improved system life. While there are some things you can do as a homeowner, you should also consider enrolling in a maintenance program. This comprehensive annual precision tune-up checks all the major components and connections, cleans your AC, and makes any necessary adjustments to refrigerant levels and belts. For air conditioning maintenance in Cherry Hill, NJ, call SPS Mechanical today!

Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits you will reap when you maintain your air conditioning system:

  • Energy-efficiency. Efficiency measures the ratio between your electrical input and your cooling output. Routine maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure that you’re getting the most money per cooling unit. Cleaning your air filter regularly as well as ensuring there are no leaks in your ductwork can drastically improve your airflow, causing your AC to run less often.
  • System life. Your air conditioner is a big investment. During peak usage, it tends to be the largest user out of all your powered appliances. For that reason, you want it to serve you well for years to come. Routine maintenance goes a long way towards keeping your system like new. It also tends to reduce the need for major repairs down the road. Dirt, dust and other debris are common culprits of premature replacement.
  • Comfort. You expect comfort during the cooling season. The whole reason you purchased your AC is to ensure that you don’t have sleepless nights and unpleasant afternoons while you’re at home. The best way to ensure that you continue to stay comfortable is regular inspection and cleaning.

For more information about our maintenance program, or to schedule a comprehensive check-up on your air conditioning system in Cherry Hill, NJ, call SPS Mechanical, today! 

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Air Conditioning Repair Tip: Common User Errors

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Whether you’ve just bought your air conditioner or have ran it for years, you may not realize that it requires a certain amount of care to run smoothly and to minimize repairs. In short, there are some common user errors that many homeowners do that may have adverse effects on their systems. While we certainly don’t expect you to know the details of the air conditioner’s operation, a little bit of know-how goes a long way towards extending the life of your system and improving the comfort of your home during the summer months. For more information about air conditioning repair in Swedesboro, NJ, call SPS Mechanical today!

  • Forgot to change the air filter: Regularly changing your air filter is one of the things that even the least technicial of us can learn to do. It’s important to the integrity of our system. While the air filter is there to prevent the passage of pollutants and dust from entering your living space, when it becomes dirty or clogged, it can actually begin to impede airflow, which can result in damage to other parts of the system, in addition to inadequate cooling.
  • Bigger is not better? No, it’s not. Your air conditioner needs to be appropriately sized to your home. This depends not only on the volume of air in your living space, but also on the quality of your insulation and the orientation of your home with respect to the sun. Choosing the largest possible system with the hope that it will easily handle your cooling needs may only lead to excessive cold air and frequent short cycling, which can dramatically reduce your energy-efficiency. You need a professionally sized system that will maximize your efficiency without sacrificing performance.
  • Maintenance is unnecessary: You might think that if your AC is under 5 years old, then it doesn’t need anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is a common user error. Routine maintenance and cleaning by a professional is the best way to ensure that your cooling system operates effectively and efficiently for years to come. Without it, however, the efficiency of your AC can dramatically depreciate.

These are just a few of the mistakes that can lead to problems with your air conditioning. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to ask a certified professional. For air conditioning repair in Swedesboro, NJ, call SPS Mechanical today! 

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Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems in Cherry Hill

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Most of use our kitchens every day to make food, wash dishes and to spend time together. That’s why it’s always such a big deal when something goes wrong with one of your kitchen’s components. At SPS Mechanical, we know how important your kitchen is and we make it our goal to get you back on track as soon as possible. We’ve worked with lots of customers throughout the Cherry Hill area providing complete kitchen repairs. We thought it would be helpful for our community if we put together some of the most common kitchen problems and what causes them.

Garbage Disposal Problems in Cherry Hill

The garbage disposal in your kitchen takes a lot of abuse on a daily basis. It has to grind up all kinds of food and garbage. Even though it is a pretty tough piece of equipment, it is also one of the most commonly abused. The most common garbage disposal problem is clogs as a result of someone putting something down there that they shouldn’t. Here are a few of the most common sources of garbage disposal clogs in Cherry Hill: pasta, potato skins, bones, paper towels, celery and grease.

Kitchen Plumbing and Pipe Leaks in Cherry Hill

One of the most common causes of kitchen plumbing leaks or pipe leaks is bad installation. We get calls for service all the time to homes whose kitchen plumbing is leaking. This normally happens near the sink, dishwasher or refrigerator where there are plumbing lines. Other common problems are clogs from hard water or other food waste and cracks in the pipes from age.

If you need kitchen plumbing repair in Cherry Hill, make sure you call SPS Mechanical today. Our plumbers in Cherry Hill have years of experience and training working with all types of kitchen plumbing problems. Call us today!

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3 Common Water Heater Problems

Monday, February 18th, 2013

The access to clean, dependable hot water in our homes is something that many of us cannot imagine living without. Unfortunately, many homeowners will open their hot water faucets someday only to discover that the water they rely on so much is not available, or at least not of the quality they are accustomed to. Like any other mechanical device, your hot water heater requires a professional installation and regular maintenance service to operate properly. Even these necessary steps cannot always prevent problems with your hot water heater in Woodbury, NJ, though. Here are 3 of the most common water heater problems we encounter, and some possible causes. Remember, when you need hot water heater services in Woodbury, NJ, call SPS Mechanical.

  • We receive many service calls about pilot lights that frequently go out. There are a number of causes for this, and they range in seriousness. Obviously if you use natural gas to heat your hot water a pilot light that will not stay lit is cause for concern. Call for professional service immediately. The cause may be something serious such as a gas leak somewhere between the supply and the hot water heater. It could also be a faulty safety device, such as the thermocouple. A thermocouple uses a mercury sensor to stem the flow of gas if it does not detect sufficient heat for combustion. If it malfunctions it will cause the gas to cut off, causing the pilot light to go out.
  • Another common problem with water heaters is a pretty obvious one; no hot water. Again, there are multiple factors that may cause this problem. If you use an electric hot water heater it is possible that the circuit it operates on tripped. With the flip of a switch you may have your hot water back. If you use natural gas, there may be a problem with the gas supply or burner beneath the water heater. Only a professional can tell you for sure.
  • If you use a tank hot water heater you may discover that the storage tank is leaking. Unfortunately, there is really only one solution here; it is time to replace the storage tank. Make the investment worthwhile by getting a well-insulated and efficient new model.

Whatever problems you have with your hot water heater in Woodbury, NJ, SPS Mechanical has the solution. Let us help keep the hot water flowing in your home. Call today to schedule service.

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Plumber’s Tip: Types of Water Treatment Systems

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Here at SPS Mechanical, we get a lot of questions from customers in the Sewell, NJ area about water treatment systems. If you are thinking about which water treatment system is right for your home, call us. We can go over the different types of systems that we can install for you to find which one is right for your home.

Here are a few of the water treatment systems available:

  • Whole home water filtration systems – With a whole home water filtration system, you get more protection than just using a faucet filter. If you have hard water, this could be a good option for your since it can protect all of your water pipes from mineral build-up, such as magnesium and calcium build-up.
  • Reverse osmosis – A whole–house reverse osmosis system targets many of the more common contaminants found in our area. These systems only require a small amount of basic maintenance, and they can provide you with pure drinking water right out of your tap!
  • Chemical feed pumps – Chemical feed pumps work by using salts and minerals to remove arsenic, calcium, iron, sulfur, and other contaminants in your fresh water supply. These systems also neutralize acidic water, and they are safe and cost-effective.

Get the clean, pure water in your home that you deserve. Not only do contaminants in your water supply cause build-ups and plumbing problems, but they also cause strong odors and a bad taste, which can be harmful to your health depending on what’s in your water. When minerals build up in your plumbing system, it can make everyday tasks, such as washing clothes or dishes, difficult to complete.

Don’t hesitate to call SPS Mechanical if you would like to speak with one of our Sewell, NJ plumbers about the water treatment system that’s right for your needs.

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Plumbing Tip: What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Monday, January 21st, 2013

We’ve all been there. The toilet is backing up or you have waste water flooding into your basement from a drain pipe in the ceiling, and you aren’t sure what to do. There are a few things you can do to help prevent further damage to your Woolwich Township home or plumbing system. Here are some common plumbing emergencies and what to do if they happen to you.

Water Line Break

How do you know if you have a water line break? One of the first signs of trouble with your water line is a drop in pressure. Washing machines and tubs take longer to fill; sinks and toilets don’t seem to function the way they normally do. Other signs of trouble are pools of water or saturated areas in your yard that never seem to dry up. A wet spot around your slab or basement could also indicate water leaking from your main line.

Unlike water leaks inside your home, leaks in the main water line can be difficult to spot. For inside leaks, the water meter will spin even when all the sinks and other plumbed appliances are off. There will be no sound of running water or puddles under the sink or on the floor. If the water line break occurs in your home, call a Woolwich Township plumber, but you can turn off the water supply to your home to prevent flooding.

Broken Sewer Line

A broken or damaged sewer line would cause waste water and sewage to leech out into the soil beneath your property. The water would gradually rise to the surface, creating puddles or patches of unexplained dampness. A foul, sewage odor would probably be noticeable. If raw sewage works its way to the surface, it will attract flies. Waste water flowing underground can also cause a sinkhole to form. Depending on the contours of your yard and other factors, the water might flow to the boundary of your property before it becomes noticeable.

Another sign might be slow or uneven drainage of your sinks, toilets, and other appliances. Water may empty down the drain fast, and then back up or gurgle.

If you observe any signs of a possible sewer line break in your Woolwich Township area home, don’t flush toilets, use the shower, or other drains and call SPS Mechanical right away. A broken sewer line must be repaired immediately, and it must be done according to accepted standards and local codes.

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Plumbing Tip: Common Plumbing Noises and What to Do About Them

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Here at SPS Mechanical, we get a lot of phone calls from our Woodbury, NJ area customers about plumbing noises. There are many plumbing noises that are not cause for alarm and can be taken care of with a few simple steps.

The three main plumbing noise complaints that we get are, water hammer, whistling pipes, and creaking pipes. This post explains the potential cause and repair for each.

Water Hammer

Water hammer is a loud banging noise that is caused by abruptly turning off the water. This usually happens because there’s a leaky air cushioning in the pipe. This is an easy fix for a Woodbury, NJ plumber. An air chamber valve can be installed so that when the water is turned off, the valve closes and compresses the air. This slows the water down gradually so that there’s no hammering noise.

While it may seem like a minor issue, water hammering noises that are left unattended can eventually lead to water leaks and deterioration of the piping material. If you hear more of a chattering or rattling noise, there may be a loose pipe rubbing against another pipe or other metal objects. Call a professional plumbing contractor if you hear any hammering or rattling noises in your pipes.

Whistling Pipes

Both water hammering and whistling noises are caused by the momentum of the water flowing through a pipe that is too small to handle a large volume of water. Attaching a pressure reducing valve will eliminate both noises and help with other issues in the plumbing system as well. Whistling could also be caused by sediment buildup, so you may need a drain cleaning service.

Creaking Pipes

Another common noise that is often reported in homes is a creaking sound in walls or floors. This is caused by the expansion and contraction of hot water pipes. When hot water flows through the pipe, the pipe expands to some degree, and when the hot water is turned off, the pipe cools and contracts. This accounts for the creaking noise often heard by homeowners. A plumber can insulate the pipe or make a space in the surrounding building material, such as cutting a notch in the wood, to allow for the expansion of the pipe.

If you have questions or hear any of these noises, call a Woodbury, NJ area plumber at SPS Mechanical. We’ll diagnose the issue and have it fixed in no time. We are always happy to answer any plumbing questions, so call any time.

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Heating Tip: Unusual Energy Saving Tips for the Winter

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Are you looking for more ways to reduce your energy and save on heating bills in your Woodbury, NJ area home this winter? Here are some unusual energy saving tips from the home efficiency experts at SPS Mechanical.

Insulate your tank water heater with a water heater jacket.

Part of your heating bills is taken up by heating your water. If you have a storage tank water heater, you can easily find jackets to fit over the tank and reduce standby heat losses, which saves energy and money.

Close the flue when your chimney is not in use.

Chimneys are necessary for proper ventilation in many homes that are heated by fireplaces and wood stoves. If you are not using your chimney, use the damper to keep it closed to prevent heat loss.

Insulate electrical outlets.

Electrical outlets are another hidden source of heat loss. If you stand by your outlet on a wall that leads to the outside, feel for cold air or a draft around it. Adding a little extra insulation behind the outlet or buying a special cover can prevent some of this.

Lower your hot water temperature.

If the thermostat on your hot water heater is above 120°F, turn it down to this temperature. While you may enjoy extremely hot showers, you could save a lot of energy used to heat your water by lowering it even by five degrees.

Use ceiling fans in reverse.

You can save energy in the winter by reversing the direction of your ceiling fans to a counterclockwise direction. This pushes the any warm air that rises back down into the living spaces.

Call the Woodbury, NJ heating specialists at SPS Mechanical if you have further questions.

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