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How to Handle Problems with Your Sewer Line

Monday, April 24th, 2017

sewer-lineThe sewer line is one of those vital-but-forgotten parts of a home for many people. After all, who wants to pay close attention to their sewer line? Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. Here’s the problem, though: at some point, you may have a problem afflict your home’s sewer line. When that happens, you are going to need to think about how you want to deal with it.

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Sicklerville, NJ Plumbing Question: How Does Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Work?

Monday, May 13th, 2013

When you tell a homeowner that they need to have their sewer line replaced it can cause them to cringe. Replacing a sewer line is normally a very intrusive and intensive process. It involves digging up your whole yard to get access to your sewer line. But with trenchless sewer line replacement that whole process can be avoided. SPS Mechanical provides fast and reliable trenchless sewer line replacement in Sicklerville, NJ. We wanted to help our customers understand the benefits of trenchless sewer line replacement.

Causes of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

When you have a home in Sicklerville, NJ, sewer line replacement isn’t something that you want to have happen. Here are some of the common causes of sewer line replacement that we see.

  • Leaks – If you start to notice soggy patches in your yard or the smell of sewage, it could indicate that you need to have your sewer line replaced because of a leak.
  • Tree roots – Tree roots are a very common cause of trenchless sewer line replacement. They can grow into your sewer line looking for water.

How Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Works

While normal sewer line replacement requires extensive work and is inconvenient, trenchless sewer line replacement can normally done in a day. Instead of digging up your whole yard, only two holes need to be dug at either ends of your sewer line.

Once the two holes are dug, our plumbers use specialized equipment to drag a new pipe through your old one. This method is called pipe bursting and leaves you with a brand new pipe in your yard. Another method is called pipe lining. With this one, an inflatable tube is run inside of your old one. A bladder is put inside of the tube and inflated so that it hardens and dries against the inside of your old pipe.

If you need trenchless sewer line replacement, call SPS Mechanical. Our expert plumbers can help you quickly replace your sewer line. Call us today.

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