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Oil to Natural Gas Conversions: The Time Is Right

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Do you still use oil for power in your home? Chances are good that you, like many people in Southern New Jersey, still make use of oil to fuel boilers, furnaces, or stoves. However, the option to convert your home over to natural gas may be heading your way. South Jersey Gas is expanding a natural gas pipeline as part of a $90 million project to increase the state’s use of natural gas and create more environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions.

There are many reasons you should consider an oil to natural gas conversion in Sicklerville, NJ for your home. Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. and we will help you find out if conversion is possible where you live (or if it soon will be). You can then let us take over the job of connecting your home and its appliances to the gas line.

Why You Should Change From Oil to Natural Gas

  • Convenience: You’ve probably run out of oil before at a time when you needed power the most. That is the biggest hassle about using oil for heating fuel: you have to store it, and if you forget to take delivery you can run out at the worst time. But with natural gas, the power comes from a municipal supply, piped right into your house. You never have to worry about running out of fuel.
  • Increased energy efficiency: One of the reasons the State of New Jersey is making the conversion to natural gas is that gas is more budget-friendly than oil because it burns more completely, resulting in less waste. In 2011, the federal Energy Information Administration found from a study that the average U.S. homeowner paid three times more to heat a home during the winter using oil than using natural gas. Just as New Jersey expects to pay less for energy, you can also expect to pay less with the switch to natural gas.
  • Domestically produced: Natural gas comes from local sources, not overseas oil drilling. You help support U.S. energy independence when you start using natural gas.
  • Tax rebate: As part of New Jersey’s natural gas expansion, some utility companies will offer rebates to homes that choose oil-to-gas conversion. Rebates run as high as $400, making natural gas an even better bargain that will rapidly pay for conversion costs.

Oil is an out-of-date fuel source for homes, and if there is any way of making the switch to gas, you should take advantage of it. An oil to natural gas conversion in Sicklerville, NJ may now be possible for your home, or possible in the near future, thanks to the new natural gas pipeline. Give us a call today to talk with one of our oil-to-gas conversion specialists at SPS Mechanical Inc. and learn more about the process.

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Heating Question: Is Spring a Good Time for Oil to Gas Conversion?

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Here in Haddonfield, heating still means using oil furnaces for many people. Oil furnaces were in use for many years in this part of the country and for a lot of homes, their reliability has trumped the higher fuel costs that they entail. But with winter finally coming to an end, some homeowners are pondering an essential heating question: is spring a good time for oil to gas conversion? It almost certainly is.

The spring means you won’t need your heater as much or as often. It also means that, if you’re handling a lot of serious issues with your oil furnace, you may be thinking about an upgrade or a conversion already. Problems during heating season and concerns about next season could easily prompt a homeowner to consider the move now. With reduced use, you have the luxury of shutting your heater off for a few days to facilitate the conversion, as well as allowing you to schedule the operation during a time that’s convenient to you. In the winter, with your heater called upon for daily use, such flexibility usually isn’t possible. It’s also better to perform the conversion before the summer begins, when concerns about your air conditioner may take center stage and you’ll need to table an oil-to-gas conversion project for another time.

Oil to gas conversion makes all kinds of sense. Once it’s in place, you can save a great deal on heating expenses, as well as helping to promote a cleaner environment and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. With the cold weather ebbing away, there’s no reason to hesitate. If you are thinking about gas to oil conversion or need any other heating service in Haddonfield, call the experts at SPS Mechanical Inc. We have years of experience handling these kind of problems, and with us as a guide, you can expect your conversion to go smoothly and without a hitch. For an operation like this, you need to leave heating questions to the experts. Contact us today to set up an appointment and let us show you what a difference we can make!

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3 Important Facts about Oil to Gas Conversion

Monday, January 13th, 2014

If you are still using oil to fuel the furnace or boiler heating your home, then it might be time for you to take into serious consideration a conversion to natural gas. Many homes have already undergone the oil-to-gas conversion to their benefit—and the benefits are numerous.

Here are 3 important facts we think all homeowners who current rely on oil for heating need to know about making the conversion. Call SPS Mechanical Inc. for additional information, as well as to schedule a conversion or any other heating repair in Sewell, NJ.

1. It can save you money

We can rely on studies by the federal Energy Information Administration to tell us that an oil-to-gas conversion will save you a significant amount on your heating bills each winter. The EIA’s 2011 study showed an average family would save close to $2,000 over a single winter by changing from burning oil to burning natural gas. This will quickly offset the cost of conversion. This, of course, varies by region because fuel costs can be different.

2. It can help the environment

Natural gas is one of the cleanest-burning fuels available, producing fewer sulfur, carbon, and nitrogen emissions than oil. It also doesn’t leaves behind ash particles after burning. This decreases such environmental dangers as smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gasses. If you are interested in helping the planet while saving money, than natural gas is the perfect route to take.

3. You must have it done by specialists

Obviously, you can’t perform an oil-to-gas conversion on your own without training: you wouldn’t even know where to begin. However, you can’t simply turn to any heating contractor to do the work; you need to hire a contractor who specializes in this service. If you can hire a contractor that handles both standard home heating and conversions, then you’ll have the convenience of only dealing with one company, which will make the job go much smoother.

Keep in mind, when you are considering a conversion to natural gas, that a natural gas line into your home can do more than run your furnace or boiler. It can also be used for ovens, stoves, and even some models of clothes dryers. You’ll be making a large investment in home comfort that affects many aspects of your life.

SPS Mechanical Inc. has you covered when it comes to oil-to-gas conversions. We can help your whole house make the switch, with little inconvenience to you. Contact us today for details about our services and other heating repair in Sewell, NJ.

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Oil vs. Gas Heat

Monday, December 16th, 2013

For many years, oil was one of the most common methods to fuel furnaces and boilers. Today, however, natural gas has superseded oil and now is the most popular fuel source for home heating.

Why has natural gas overtaken oil? In the oil vs. gas conflict, what tilts the scales in favor of natural gas?

We’ll explain the advantages that gas-heating has over oil-heating. If you want to make the change from one fuel to the other, you’ll need the services of a company that specializes in oil-to-gas conversion. Let SPS Mechanical Inc. handle the task for you, so you can get the most efficient and effective heating in Sicklerville, NJ.

Why you should consider converting from gas to oil

  • Gas is more environmentally friendly: If you want to “go green,” then natural gas makes for a significant improvement over oil. Natural gas has fewer emissions than any other fossil fuel when it burns.
  • Gas is more energy-efficient: Natural gas burns more completely than oil does, resulting in much less energy waste and lower bills. In 2011, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) did a test on the efficiency of gas vs. oil, and found that an average family saved close to $2,000 during a winter using natural gas instead opposed to oil.
  • Gas is more convenient: If you’re tired of having to wait for delivery of oil—and sometimes having it run out during the coldest days of the year—you won’t have those worries with natural gas, which the city pipes straight into your home.
  • Gas can give you a rebate: Because utility companies want to encourage homeowners to switch to  natural gas, many offer a rebate if you have an oil-to-gas conversion. This rebate can be up to $400, an additional savings on top of the money you are already saving from gas’ efficiency.

One company can do it all for you

When you contact SPS Mechanical Inc. for an oil-to-gas conversion, you’ll have one company handling all the steps of a complex process. We will take care of removing your old heater as well as attaching the piping necessary to bring gas from the main line into your home for your new gas heating system. We will make safety a priority at every stage of the conversion, so you will end up with a new, improved source of fuel without any worries about your safety. Call SPS Mechanical Inc. today to get started with the change from oil to gas.

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