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3 Tips to Take Care of Your Bathroom Plumbing

Monday, March 9th, 2020

We talk about clogged drains a lot on this blog, and for good reason! Having a clogged drain can be a huge pain and end up putting a hold on your life when you least expect it. Being unable to use a drain or a faucet because it’s draining either slowly or not at all is a problem that needs to be solved correctly.

As your go-to plumbers in Woodbury, NJ, we’re fond of keeping both your kitchen and your bathroom plumbing as clear as possible. You can always call us if you’re having a problem that none of our tips can solve. Last time we posted about this, it was dealing specifically with kitchen drains, but this time we’d like to discuss what you can do to help your bathroom drains!

However, do you know what the best mitigation is for a clogged drain? Preventing one from occurring in the first place. Here’s how you can do that.

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Don’t Ruin Your Pipes with Chemical Drain Cleaner

Monday, October 21st, 2019

Your pipes are important to your home. Whether you think about them as much as we do or not, your life would be a lot different, a lot worse, without your plumbing system. We wanted to get that out of the way because a lot of homeowners who don’t think about their plumbing in Glassboro, NJ tend to treat their pipes poorly, inevitably leading to some pretty surprising and expensive repair work.

That’s why we’d like to offer a public service announcement about chemical drain cleaners. You see them everywhere on shelves across America, promising an easy process of pouring a liquid into your drain for a clear and convenient finish. However, the process is not that simple and the effects of chemical drain cleaners can be way more devastating than advertisements would like you to think. These chemicals are volatile and highly corrosive, leading to harmful effects on your health, pipes, and the environment.

Not convinced? Keep reading and we’re confident your mind will change.

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Plumbing Tip: How to Prevent Backed Up Drains

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Your home’s plumbing system gets a huge amount of use every single day. From cleaning, bathing, laundry and dishes your drains are used all the time. We often get asked by our customers about how they can prevent their drains from backing up. Here is a quick description of some of the things that you can do to keep your home’s drains working well.

  • Get regular maintenance – One of the best ways for you to reduce all kinds of plumbing repairs, including clogs, is to get your home’s plumbing system regularly inspected and cleaned. Clogs usually don’t happen overnight, and during regular maintenance visits your plumber will look for any small buildups that have started to develop in your plumbing and drains.
  • Protect your drains – Another great way to keep your home’s drains from clogging is to do your best to alter your behavior so that you protect them. This is especially important for your kitchen sink drain because of all the food waste that it has to deal with. Make sure that you don’t put any melted fat, starchy foods (pasta), stringy foods (celery), animal bones, or fruit pits down your kitchen sink drain. Use drain covers on all your drains to prevent hair and other debris from going down the drain.
  • Water treatment – If your home’s water has excess minerals it is called “hard water”. These minerals usually include calcium and magnesium. These minerals can get deposited on the insides of your pipes and buildup over time. Water treatment systems like filters and softeners are designed to remove those excess minerals so that they don’t cause any issues with your pipes.

When you need any Cherry Hill, NJ plumbing services, just call the friendly specialists at SPS Mechanical.

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