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What Video Pipe Inspection Can Do for You

Video pipe inspection hasn’t been around for that much time. That means people don’t know much about the process and are actually opting out of using it. It’s simple, people fear what they don’t know, and not as many people know about video pipe inspection as we’d like.

So, if you’ve ever been approached by a plumber offering an inspection like this—it’s not a scam. This is a process for drain clogs and plumbing problems that can end up saving you a lot of money! Plumbing in Sewell, NJ can be especially expensive if the plumber doesn’t know where the clog is located. Give yourself a break and use this new technology to have a more thorough drain cleaning done for the sake of you and your pipes.

How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work?

It’s simple, really. A microscopic video camera is attached to a wire or snake that is fed down through your pipes until it reaches the area of issue or it finishes its examination of your plumbing. The video feed is transmitted directly to a screen where the plumber and the homeowner can watch and see the condition of the plumbing system. It’s that easy!

Preventative Maintenance

We’re going to be honest, many homeowners only call the plumber at the last minute. That means the problem has gotten as bad as it’s going to get. We’re big fans of preventative maintenance, which video pipe inspection actually helps with!

Instead of waiting until you’re certain that there’s a pinhole leak, drain clog, or another pipe issue, why not get a video pipe inspection to literally see what’s going on? They’re of little cost to us, so they’re fairly cheap ways that a homeowner can know the exact condition of their plumbing and whether or not they’ll need some work done. If you’re looking to provide yourself some peace of mind and prevent any catastrophic issues, get yourself some video pipe inspection!

No Guesswork, No Problem

Guesswork is a nightmare when it comes to plumbing. Pipes are often located in dark areas of your home, functioning almost silently, with delicate differences in pressure between them. When a plumber has to guess where your drain clog or pinhole leak is coming from, it’s going to take a lot more time and be a much more frustrating process. Since many plumbers charge by the hour, this could be money taken directly from your pocket!

That’s why you should always work with a team that’s got the technology for a video pipe inspection. There’s no guesswork involved since the plumber can accurately find where the leak or clog is. Plumbers can even show you where the issue is, so you’ve got clear evidence of what needs to be done, and you don’t have to just take the plumber’s word for it.

There really are no negatives to video pipe inspection. Make sure that when you work with professional plumbers, you hire a crew that’s got the technology needed to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape.

Our team has the technology to keep you happy. Call SPS Mechanical Inc. today. Comfort at your service!

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