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What Can I Do to Protect My Plumbing in Cherry Hill?

Indoor plumbing is one of the foundations of modern life, bringing fresh water for drinking and cleaning directly into our homes. But the plumbing system that makes that possible needs to be properly maintained or else problems may develop as wear-and-tear takes its toll. In Cherry Hill, NJ, the long snowy winters can wreak havoc on plumbing systems, resulting in burst pipes and similar problems to plague homeowners. Here are some basic precautions you can take:

  • In the first place, you should know where your water shut-off valve is. If there’s a problem with your plumbing, you can then get to the shut-off valve quickly, which can mean the difference between a mere blockage of ice in your plumbing and a burst pipe as the pressure build to unsustainable levels.
  • In addition, look for any exposed or uninsulated piping in your home, and wrap them in insulation before the weather drops below freezing. In particular, your meter should be protected by insulation, especially if it’s located somewhere unprotected, such as your basement or in your garage.
  • If you know a cold front is on its way, you can use low levels of water to help prevent freezing. Set your faucets for a tiny trickle of water. He moving water won’t freeze as easily and may be the difference between a problem-free plumbing system and serious ice blockage. Similarly, make regular inspections of your water heater during the cold months, checking for sediment build-up .

For help with your  plumbing system, or to schedule a repair when something goes wrong, it pays to contact a professional. SPS Mechanical plumbers are all thoroughly trained with years of experience under their belt, and can travel anywhere in Cherry Hill as well as all of southern New Jersey. Call us today for excellent Cherry Hill, NJ plumbing services.

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