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Upgrade Your Commercial Plumbing Today

Commercial establishments have come a long way when it comes to plumbing. Bathrooms used to look a lot different and safety standards used to be a lot lower than they are now. Think about the amount of hands-free sinks and paper-towel dispensers you see these days, making things easy, safe, and hygenic for anyone who uses a public space.

Well, we want to take time today to talk about your building’s plumbing. How are your toilets, sinks, pipes, and drains? Is there something left to be desired? Perhaps the plumbing appliances would look state-of-the-art for the late 90s, but they’re just not as eloquent or modern as they should be. Our team can help you by providing an upgrade to your commercial plumbing installations in Gloucester County, NJ.

Here are a few ways we can help boost your commercial plumbing and bring you into the 21st century where your building belongs!

High-Efficiency Toilets

Older model toilets can use a lot of water just to do a basic flush. We’re not saying that this is a bad thing, only that this much water usage isn’t really necessary most of the time. Many high-efficiency toilets have some additional bonuses to reduce your water bill while making things easier for customers.

For instance, there are toilets that you’ve probably seen with two modes of flushing, strong and weak. These are great since they give your building tenants, employees, and customers a choice so that not every single flush uses the maximum amount of water.

Also, newer toilet models are just constructed to use less water and work more efficiently. Couple this with improvements in usage and you could see some serious savings down the line.

Aerated Showers and Sinks

Do you have a restaurant that uses wide-basin sinks, or a business that relies on functioning shower systems? Then make sure you’re using high-efficiency appliances for your business. Some faucets and showers can be aerated, meaning they use less water to have the same effect. They basically add additional air pressure to the water that comes out of the spigot, giving it more force for washing and rinsing, but while using a substantially smaller amount of water in the process.

For businesses or buildings that use a lot of water, this might be a vital upgrade since it can save you money on your water costs and help you achieve a more eco-friendly establishment that your customers will really approve of.

Drain and Pipe Replacements

Don’t forget about your drains and pipes! Just because these components are a lot less glamorous and sit under the hood of your commercial space, doesn’t mean they’re not important. If you’ve got galvanized steel pipes poking their heads out and feeding into sinks, drains, and other water-utilizing appliances, then you might be in dire need of a drain or pipe replacement. Our team can help you upgrade to copper or PVC pipes that are both affordable and built to last.

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. to invest in new plumbing appliances that last.

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