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Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

A broken water heater is a major inconvenience, and should it happen to you, it will force you realize just how much you depend daily on a supply of hot water. If possible, you want to get a head start on water heater malfunctions and call in repair professionals to solve the problems before they lead to full system failure.

Here are a few warning signs that you should call for professional water heater repair service in Woodbury, NJ. For fast and effective service for all your plumbing issues, call SPS Mechanical Inc. We are ready 24 hours a day to help you with your malfunctioning water heater.

Common Indications You Need Water Heater Repair Services

  • Discolored water: When you turn on a hot water tap and the water that comes out has a brownish-red discoloration—similar to what you expect to see when you turn on the taps after you have been away from home for a week or more—you may have a problem from either excess sediment in the tank or the development of corrosion because of a rusted-through anode rod. Although you may have heard that rust in a water heater is an instant death-sentence for the system, it isn’t necessarily a reason to replace the unit­—provided the water heater isn’t too old and you catch the problem soon enough. If the issue is sediment, repair technicians can flush out the tank to solve the trouble.
  • Loss of hot water supply: If you’ve lived with the same water heater for long enough, you will know how much hot water to expect from it before it runs out and needs to heat up more. If you notice a drop in this supply (i.e. people in your household start to complain about going with lukewarm or cold showers in the morning) it means there is a malfunction in the water heater. A common reason for this problem is a broken dip tube depositing cold water near the top of the tank. Repair technicians will get to the bottom of the problem and fix whatever is necessary.
  • Rumbling tank: In general, any strange sound from a water heater indicates it needs repairs. The rumbling tank is the most common warning sign, and it either means too much mixing of hot and cold water or water that is overheating. These issues need remedy as soon as possible.
  • Leaks: Should you spot water pooling around the water heater’s tank, you have leaking issues that could threaten the operation of the system. Leaking can also point to high water pressure or corrosion problems, so have the leaks looked into immediately.

Don’t attempt to troubleshoot problems with a water heater on your own: this requires trained technicians. The SPS Mechanical Inc. repair specialists will take care of the necessary water heater repair in Woodbury, NJ that will restore your vital hot water supply. Give us a call today and schedule your next appointment with us.

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