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Reasons Your Water Heater Isn’t Giving You Hot Water

It is difficult to imagine a time in the U.S. before running hot water. We only think about it when we see movies or television shows where people need to heat up large tubs of water with coal stoves or wood fires in order to take a bath. Hot water coming through our taps with only a turn of a handle is a luxury that we’d have a hard time living without.

But this daily necessity could disappear if your hot water heater malfunctions. One morning, you turn on the shower and find that no matter how long you wait, the water never warms up. When this happens, you’ll need trained water heater specialists to find out the trouble and fix it. With SPS Mechanical Inc., you can call for help with your water heater in Cherry Hill, NJ any time of the day or night thanks to our 24-hour emergency service.

Possible causes for loss of hot water from your water heater

  • Failed heating elements: If you have an electric water heater, failure of the heating elements inside the tank will lead to a loss of warm water. If you notice a drop in heating, don’t ignore it: it probably means one of the elements has burned out, and if the second also fails, you’ll only have cold water left. The heating elements can also lose their power because of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse, so check the fuse box.
  • Burner or pilot failure: For a gas-powered heater, a burner unit below the tank contains the gas jets that ignite to transfer heat to the water in the tank. If the burner becomes dirty or corroded, it will struggle to draw oxygen to ignite, and eventually the jets won’t come on at all and the water in the tank won’t heat up. Failure of the standing pilot light or the electric ignition system will also mean the burner cannot ignite.
  • Faulty gas control valve: If the gas control valve malfunctions, it will cut off the gas supply to the burner, and no heat will be created.

Watch out for lowered heat as well

Your water heater can continue to provide you with warm water even when it’s malfunctioning, but the water will not be as hot. Pay attention to lukewarm water and don’t let it go, hoping that it will get better. It probably won’t and you may end up losing the water heater altogether.

Professionals experienced in heating and plumbing will need to assist you when you have trouble with your water heater in Cherry Hill, NJ. When you call on SPS Mechanical Inc., our technicians will arrive with a van filled with replacement parts so they can provide the fastest possible repairs to restore your hot water.

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