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Problems that Lead to Repiping Your Home

If you own a home that’s younger than 50 years, most of your pipes are probably made of copper. This is a good thing, as copper pipes are designed to last up to 100 years. This means that you probably won’t ever have to deal with repiping your home. However, there are a number of problems that can severely shorten the life of your pipe systems. It’s a good idea to be aware of these problems, and to take steps to address them. Read on for more information.

Tree Roots

Tree roots will grow in whatever direction they can find a large source of water. If you have trees in your yard, the closest source of water could well be your plumbing or sewer lines. Over time, tree roots can bore into these pipes to get at the water inside. If you have your pipes inspected often enough, you can catch and remove these roots before they become too much of a problem. If not, however, they can become so entrenched that you’ll have to replace the pipe.

Hard Water

Hard water is water with a high mineral content. It is common to many parts of the country, and often goes unaddressed, leading to many problems for homeowners. As hard water flows through the pipes in your home, it deposits small amounts of minerals on the inner walls. These deposits form lime scale, which will grow and harden the more hard water flows through the pipes. After a certain point, the only way to remove these deposits is to replace the pipe entirely. So, it’s imperative that you have your plumbing inspected to catch the problem early.

If you need repiping or pipe inspection services, call SPS Mechanical Inc. We provide plumbing services throughout Deptford Township, NJ.

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