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Plumbing Tips for the Winter Holiday Season

It’s hard not to keep the smile off your face when you tune into the radio or your favorite TV channel to see the holiday music playing. So many of our customers have warm memories of friends, family, gifts, and good experiences that this time of year just hits differently than others. Though, the holiday season probably doesn’t feel too good when there’s a drain clog ruining it.

Your plumbing is an integral part of our holidays, whether we like to admit it or not! Without clear drains, you simply won’t be able to enjoy a convenient holiday season in your own home with the loved ones you care about, and that’s why we think it’s so important to list out a few helpful tips that will keep your home’s plumbing system in good shape.

As a homeowner, there are various things you can do right now to help keep your drains from clogging up and requiring emergency plumbing in Gloucester County, NJ.

Best Practices for Your Drains and Pipes

Keeping a clear drain always starts with what you do at home. Sure, eventually you’ll require a plumber to help clear out pesky drain clogs that have been building up for months or even years. But our job is to help you avoid the need for an emergency plumber.

Just remember, in the event that you do need an expert plumber at an inconvenient time like a holiday or after-hours, our team provides stress-free emergency plumbing. So, do everything you can to keep your plumbing in good shape, but don’t hesitate to call if you need us.

Insulate Your Exterior-Facing Pipes

As temperatures continue to drop, this becomes the season where we see a lot of frozen pipes. Frozen pipes aren’t so bad until they thaw when temperatures warm up again and become leaking pipes, usually with wide enough leaks that cause large amounts of wasted water.

The important step here is preventing your pipes from freezing in the first place. You can do this by insulating any pipes that are near the exterior walls of your home and opening up the cabinets on an extremely cold day. Also, make sure any exterior pipes don’t have any water in them and are emptied out so that there’s no water that can freeze inside of them. That should do the trick!

Keep Toys and Games Away From the Drain

You might be excited to see the cousins, nephews, and nieces this year, but your plumbing system might be a little terrified. When kids start playing, things can go haywire and it’s not uncommon to find a toy or game jammed down the drain as part of a funny prank or a joke.

Start off strong by making it clear to the kids that only liquids like water and soap are allowed down a drain. By enforcing the drain as a “no-toy” zone, you might avoid a pretty stressful clog in the future.

Use a Mesh Screen to Catch Food or Hair

Mesh screens are great for catching bits of food in your kitchen sink, and hair in your shower or bathtub drain. Find one that works for your home and use it as much as you can while you cook this holiday season!

SPS Mechanical Inc. is your go-to team for high-quality emergency plumbing when you need it. Contact us today. Comfort At Your Service!

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