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Plumbing Emergency? Here’s What to Do

Plumbing emergencies are some of the worst types of emergencies you can have as a homeowner. The amount of damage, odors, and reoccurring problems that can come from one emergency plumbing problem can make it stressful, to say the least. So, we’d like to grant you some of our knowledge in the field of plumbing with a checklist to help reduce panic and increase your ability to cope with a situation like emergency plumbing in Sewell, NJ.

Emergency plumbing issues don’t have to be life-altering moments. Just because your toilet is overflowing or there’s a leak in your sink drain, doesn’t mean you have to prepare for water damage and other problems that are usually associated with emergency plumbing. By calling one of our plumbers, you get access to an expert that knows exactly what they’re doing and can get your plumbing working in no time.

Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies include things like a toilet overflow or a pipe leak that needs addressing as soon as possible. The problem that separates regular plumbing problems from plumbing emergencies, is that your house risks flooding or severe water damage if you don’t have the problem addressed quickly. So, the question boils down to what can you do in a plumbing emergency?

  1. Shut off your water. How is water supposed to overflow or leak from your pipes if the water is shut off from the source? The first thing you can do to stall for time or take steps to fix the issue is to turn the water off in your home. This will mitigate most of the problems that can come from your plumbing emergency.
  2. Turn off your water heater. If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency and you shut your water off, you’ll still be suffering from a water heater that’s running for no reason. Your water heater is wasting energy and more water when it keeps running.
  3. Isolate the leak. If you’re dealing with a leak, make sure you do a run-through of your home so you locate all the places where the leak is coming from. By isolating the leak, when you do get the help of a professional plumber, you’ll be able to direct them to where the leak is coming from and speed up the process of getting your leak fixed.
  4. Contact a plumber. This should be the most important step on this list. Once your water is shut off and the leak has been isolated, or even if you’re having trouble performing the aforementioned steps, contacting a plumber is the only way your plumbing will be fixed accordingly.

Professional Plumbers Can Help

Homeowners often wait until the very last minute to call a plumber, thinking it will be both cheaper and faster to have the problem fixed by themselves of an amateur. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you find yourself dealing with a plumbing emergency, it’s vital that you call our team and get in touch with a master plumber today.

Need help with an emergency plumbing problem? Call the team at SPS Mechanical Inc. Comfort at your service.

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