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Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Healthy

We spend so much time in our kitchens that keeping the plumbing healthy really is a no brainer. Your kitchen’s plumbing is vital to the function of your life and hygiene. That’s why we’ve got a few tried and tested tips to give you in order to help keep your kitchen plumbing in good condition.

The truth of the matter is that your plumbing is heavily dependant on what you put down your drain and how you treat your drains. Efficient machines, like a garbage disposal, can help you mitigate the damage that’s done to your pipes or the clogs that form, but the best way of keeping your kitchen plumbing happy is by staying vigilant and contacting plumbers in Sewell, NJ when you’ve got an issue.

Our team can be the one to call if you have a serious kitchen plumbing issues. Keep reading to see if you need our help!

Dealing with a Kitchen Clog

We deal with a lot of food waste in our kitchen, so we deal with kitchen sink clogs fairly frequently. However, for the homeowners out there that need a little bit of extra help, there are some tips that can help you deal with the constant clogs in your kitchen sink.

  • Invest in a garbage disposal. A garbage disposal is a great tool for grinding up your food waste so that it can safely and easily travel into your sewer system. It’s a convenient and eco-friendly way of dealing with leftover food waste.
  • Throw out your FOG. FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease, which are three types of materials that should never by any means be poured down your drain. That’s because they cool at room temperature and become solid, which is the perfect recipe for a drain clog. Instead, let your FOGs cool and solidify outside of the sink, so you can scrape them off and throw them in the trash while you keep your plumbing clean.
  • Avoid chemical drain cleaners. This is a big one. Store-bought chemical drain cleaners are a recipe for disaster when used in your kitchen sink since they contain harmful chemicals that barely work and end up destroying your plumbing as a byproduct. Not only that, but they release harmful fumes that can be irritating and unhealthy, especially around your food preparation area in the kitchen. Avoid these chemicals by all means and contact a professional for an environmentally-friendly and more effective drain cleaning solution.

Other Kitchen Tips

Drains aren’t the only things that need help in your kitchen.

  • Brush off faucet sediment or limescale with vinegar. While you could use other acids like lemon, this is a natural solution to making sure your faucet doesn’t get caked with sediment from your water supply.
  • Contact a professional plumber for any other issue. Do you have a drain that just won’t get unclogged? How about a noise coming from your sink’s aerator that you just can’t seem to understand? Don’t try taking things apart looking for a solution yourself, contact one of our master plumbers to get to the bottom of your issue.

The team at SPS Mechanical Inc. is experienced enough to take care of whatever plumbing issue you have. Call us today! Comfort at your service.


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