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Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Good Condition

Your garbage disposal is a major part of your kitchen drain. Neglecting a system like this, or actively hurting it by putting the wrong things down your drain, can not only be a drain on your finances but also end up breaking the garbage disposal overall. In order to keep your system running in good condition, there are some guidelines that we suggest you follow.

Don’t just assume this is coming from a random internet stranger, we’re your local professionals that deal with everything related to plumbing in Woodbury, NJ. We know what to expect when dealing with a kitchen drain issue or a broken garbage disposal, so we also know what can be done to prevent these issues from occurring in the first place!

So, come along with us while we talk about the benefits of keeping your garbage disposal in good condition with a few tips.

Garbage Disposal Tips

When utilizing a garbage disposal in your home, it can be easy to look at them like garbage-eating creatures that don’t need your help. The truth of the matter is, they’re machines that need tender love and affection just like any other appliance in your home! The following tips can be great ways to keep yours healthy and happy for the years to come.

Break Up Large Objects

Sure, your garbage disposal should be able to handle a plethora of food waste types that are sent down your drain, but it doesn’t mean you can’t help it in the process! By breaking up your food waste to be easier for your garbage disposal to remove, you’re actively helping keep it in good condition by mitigating the damage that could be done over time.

Don’t Put FOG Down the Drain

FOG, or fats oils and grease, are things that we often don’t think about and send down our drain. The problem with these substances is that they easily create drain clogs because they solidify at rather mild temperatures, meaning they can liquefy and solidify within a few hours. FOG drain clogs can be a real nuisance, and they aren’t something that your garbage disposal will be able to deal with appropriately. Keep your drain and your garbage disposal happy by reducing the amount of FOG that’s sent down the drain.

Schedule Maintenance

Have you had your garbage disposal for a long time? Is it slowly starting to perform worse than when you first got it? Then it might be time to schedule an appointment with our team to take a closer look. By scheduling service with us, you’re letting a trained professional who deals with plumbing systems for a living, apply their industry knowledge to tell you what condition your garbage disposal should be in. At that point, you can let us know if we should try to repair any issues, invest in a replacement, or if your system is in good enough condition for the years to come! Make sure you choose a team that’s reliable for all your garbage disposal needs.

We can make sure your garbage disposal works as it should. Contact us today! Comfort at your service.

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