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Keep Your Garbage Disposal in Check: Call Us

We understand that garbage disposals are not the most fun topic to talk about. In fact, garbage disposals are probably at the bottom of the list of things you enjoy talking about, along with your taxes and car insurance. However, just because something is boring to talk about most of the time, doesn’t mean it’s not important. We’d actually say that taxes, car insurance, and your garbage disposal are a few of the most important things to talk about!

The elements that go into a well-functioning garbage disposal in Deptford Township are complicated. They’re not the simplest pieces of plumbing equipment. For starters, they’re powered by electricity, which adds a whole other element to your plumbing. Additionally, they’re mainly meant for convenience, which means a breakdown can make you wish you never had one in the first place.

Here are a few tips that you can use to get your garbage disposal whipped into shape.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Exists

Yes, you heard that right. There’s such a thing as garbage disposal maintenance. Now, you might think this is a stupid term if your garbage disposal has worked without a hitch for years, until you run into a problem while you’re trying to host a party and everything isn’t going to plan!

Maintenance is simple—it’s a service that allows a professional to tune-up your garbage disposal and ensure that it’s working properly. It doesn’t need to be struggling for you to want maintenance performed. In fact, getting maintenance when nothing is wrong could actually be a good way to make your garbage disposal work better than it did before. Maintenance systematically increases performance in your plumbing appliances like garbage disposals, so you could absolutely notice the effect.

Get Your Garbage Disposal Repaired

Is there something wrong with your garbage disposal? Perhaps when you switch the system on, it takes a few seconds to run or shakes your sink violently. This doesn’t have to be your reality for much longer.

Garbage disposal repair services are quick and easy when they come from a pro. They can also be affordable, since the equipment and materials needed for garbage disposal repair aren’t really that high-tech. It just takes a bit of elbow grease and the know-how of a master plumber!

Sometimes Replacement Is the Key

How old is your garbage disposal? Seriously, if you’re embarrassed to answer that, then you might be on to something. Garbage disposals have been around since the 1940s, they were invented in the ’20s, and were popularized in the ’70s. We see countless homes with ancient garbage disposals that should not be working anymore, even if they are.

If this perfectly describes your kitchen sink, then we think it’s time to invest in garbage disposal replacement. This could help set your home in the right direction for the next decade and make your life a lot easier in the process. Garbage disposal systems don’t last forever, but replacement services can prepare you for the inevitable failure of an old one.

Call SPS Mechanical Inc. for help with your garbage disposal. Comfort at your service!

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