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The Importance of Video Pipe Inspection

“Why would anyone stick a video camera down their drain? What’s the point of that?”

We get it, it sounds like a joke. That is until you’re saved from making an expensive repair when you realize the clog you’ve been dealing with isn’t as large as you thought it was. And it was all thanks to video pipe inspection!

This is a service that’s been around for quite some time, but homeowners seem surprised when they encounter it. Video pipe inspection performed by a plumber in Woodbury, NJ isn’t an experimental, cutting-edge service. It’s standard practice these days, and we’d like to explain to you why it’s so important that you have this service done every once in a while on your plumbing system.

So, let us take the time to convince you why video pipe inspection is one of the best things you can have done for your plumbing system. (And don’t forget to call our team to have it scheduled!)

What Exactly Is Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspection is a service where a microscopic camera is attached at the end of an auger. This auger is gently lowered into your drain or plumbing system where it can give you a live feed of what your pipes look like. If you’ve been struggling with a clog, or you’re certain there’s something wrong with your plumbing, you should be able to physically see what the problem is by using this camera system.

The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection is wonderful because it adds a new layer of visualization that helps homeowners understand their plumbing problems. Gone are the days where a plumber would use complicated terminology and make your head spin with the prices they would throw your way. Now, you get to see what’s going wrong with your plumbing, and we can help you reach a goal that solves that problem.

An Example

Imagine that your drains are slow for some reason. Searching online for answers might sound like a good idea, until you’re inundated with all sorts of problems that it could be. By calling a plumber for video pipe inspection, you get to actually see the problem firsthand, and get to the solution much quicker than you would otherwise.

Trustworthiness Counts

Back in the old days, when there was something wrong with your plumbing system, you just had to take your plumber’s word for it. While that might still be the case with certain repairs, it’s certainly not the case with drain issues since we have access to video pipe inspection technology.

Now, a trusted plumber can actually show you what’s wrong with the interior of your pipes without the need for you to just take them at face value. This is helpful in building trust and a great relationship with your plumber because you know they’re being honest with you. Let our professionals show you what the problem is with the help of video pipe inspection so that we can discuss the best steps going forward.

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. for video pipe inspection services today. Comfort at your service.

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