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How to Help Your Septic System

We know, most homeowners don’t want to read anything related to their septic system. The septic system is a piece of plumbing technology that you’d rather someone take care of without you knowing about it, right?

Well, while that might be good in theory, your septic system is statistically more likely to have trouble if you ignore it. A professional plumber in Sewell, NJ might be able to perform a variety of repairs and maintenance to your system, but we’d be lying if we said there wasn’t some information you could provide in order to make the process faster, safer, and less expensive.

So today, we’re going to talk about the few tips and tricks that a homeowner can do to make the process of maintaining or repairing your septic system easier.

Prepare for a Professional Plumber

Let’s say you’ve been encountering some problems with your septic system and you’d like one of our professional plumbers to come and take a look for repairs. Well, while we might be able to eventually pinpoint the problem, the problems can be made easier if you’ve kept some information on hand about your septic system to let your plumber know about the last time it was serviced.

  • Keep maintenance records on hand. If your plumbing professional is trying to pinpoint a repair or provide maintenance, it’s incredibly helpful to have a detailed report of the last maintenance service. Also, when a plumber knows how old your septic system is and how often it has been serviced, it can be much easier to work on solutions for the problems that are plaguing your system.
  • Conserve your water. This might seem a little disconnected but hear us out—all of the wastewater passes through your septic system. Therefore, if you’re encountering problems with your septic system and you’re waiting for a plumbing professional, it’s generally a good idea to conserve your water use until the problem is found.
  • Dispose of waste properly. It’s a good idea to remember that your toilet isn’t your trash can. There are only specific materials that are safe to travel through your plumbing and into your septic system, otherwise, you risk a septic system demise much earlier than you’d like. Cooking grease, diapers, coffee grounds, paper towels, and anything else that you’re unsure about entering into your septic system should be properly disposed of in the trash. Otherwise, you’ll be calling the plumber a lot earlier than you’d like to.
  • Know where your septic system is. You should know specifically where your septic tank is located on your property. This is because you should never park your car over it, never plant trees on it, and never try building anything over where your septic system is. In case you’re unsure as to the parameters of your septic system, make sure to contact a professional plumber so you can ask them and write it down!

We promise that if you’ve taken the necessary steps to take care of your septic tank and note down the relevant information, you’ll be in good hands when service is required.

Not every plumbing company works on septic systems. Luckily, we do! Contact our team at SPS Mechanical Inc. Comfort at your service.

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