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How Do Professional Plumbers Detect Leaks?

If you have a noticeable plumbing leak in your home, it’s bound to be an inconvenience. Low water pressure may be irritating when you need to take a quick shower, or you may hear water dripping or notice pools of water gather in your home. But not all water leaks are this obvious, and a bigger problem is that even a small leak may cause major problems for your home and for your plumbing.

Water leaks may drip into a home and damage the walls or floors. This can attract mold or mildew which affect the air quality in your home and threaten your family’s health. Otherwise, water or sewage may flood into your yard or basement or it may back up into the drains. To prevent such problems from occurring, it’s important to call for plumbing repair at the first sign of leaks.

You don’t have to know the exact source of a leak when you call for plumbing repair. Plumbers are equipped with specialized tools to find and repair leaks throughout your system. Here are the ways a plumber may detect leaks in your home.

  • Visual Detection: First, a plumber may simply check visually to find the general area of a leak. Water spots, drips, and moist areas outdoors may all give a plumber some clues, but plumbing equipment is still needed to locate the leak.
  • Video Pipe Inspection: Your plumber may be equipped with a fiber optic camera for leak detection. A small video camera is attached to the end of a cable that is fed through your pipes. A video feed allows the plumber to observe your pipes and spot the exact location of a leak.
  • Listening Equipment: Alternatively, a plumber may use high-quality listening equipment to hear areas where water flow slows down or stops completely.

You may need professional leak detection services even if you do not see any water pooling around your home. Keep an eye out for problems like reduced water pressure, and call a plumber whenever you need to know if leaks are threatening your home and costing you extra on your water bills. When you need professional plumbing repair in West Deptford, call the experts at SPS Mechanical Inc. today!

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