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Help! My Wedding Ring Fell Down the Drain!

It’s a nightmare scenario… worse than a basement leak, more worrisome than a busted water main…. Your wedding ring has gone down a sink drain!

Take a moment to breathe. You don’t want to panic. Your ring isn’t necessarily gone forever. This is a time where a professional plumber can seem like a superhero. When you need that skilled plumbing in Sicklerville, NJ to rescue that lost wedding ring, call SPS Mechanical Inc. and we’ll come to save the day.

We’ll walk you through a few steps to take immediately after your ring disappears down the drain.

Follows these steps when you lose your wedding band:

  • First… Don’t run the faucet! You don’t want any more water to go down the drain. At this point, your ring has probably stopped in the p-trap of the drainpipe, the u-shaped pipe directly beneath the sink. Water running down the sink could push the ring farther along, making it more difficult for a plumber to retrieve.
  • Second… Take a plastic bucket and place it underneath the p-trap. Better put some thick towels of newspapers around the bottom of the bucket to absorb water that spills out.
  • Third… Find the access plug on the p-trap. If your plumbing doesn’t have this (often true for older pipes) then the p-trap will need dismantling with wrenches. We don’t advise you do this on your own—the pipes can be difficult to reattach—and you should call a plumber at this point.
  • Fourth… Pull open the access plug. Water will fall into the bucket (and elsewhere; you’ll be glad for the towels and newspapers). Wait until all the water from the p-trap has drained out. Reach into the bucket of water and locate your ring.
  • Fifth… Replace the plug. Run water through the drain to make sure the seal is secure and there are no leaks.
  • Sixth… If you didn’t find your ring in the fourth step, you should call a professional plumber. Don’t feel embarrassed about this; plumbers are accustomed to this sort of emergency call, and they understand how important this is to you.

Call SPS Mechanical Inc. when you can’t retrieve your ring out of the p-trap, and we’ll send one of our Sicklerville, NJ plumbing experts to your aid.

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