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Everything to Learn About a Pinhole Leak

Leaks come in all shapes and sizes. It’s really important to get this across to our customers. We know that you’re used to seeing leaks in media like movies and television shows, but they’re not all gushing leaks that pour out all over the floor. These are mostly the exception to the rule.

Most leaks are drips, small amounts of water dripping slowly bit by bit. While they might not sound like a big deal, they can happen behind the scenes and in a place where you don’t notice them. Then, after weeks, months, or even years, the water bill can cause you to panic as you notice a high cost and mold forming in your basement.

The most insidious of these types of leaks is the pinhole leak. For the reasons we’ll describe below, these leaks almost always require professional plumbing repair in Gloucester County, NJ, and you’re better off getting them fixed as quickly and effectively as possible.

What Exactly Is a Pinhole Leak?

A pinhole leak is a specific type of leak that can occur with a pipe. It’s not quite large enough to be a major or minor leak, but it’s still a hole in your pipe that’s causing water to come out. The most apt descriptor of a pinhole leak is that it slowly drips water over time.

These leaks are insidious because they’re hard to notice when they’re leaking in your basement or crawlspace, and unless you pay close attention and listen for the dripping, you might spend months allowing it to leak right under your nose.

How These Leaks Occur

Pinhole leaks are most often the product of corrosion. As your plumbing pipes corrode, they lose structural integrity, and the barrier between the water and your home’s atmosphere becomes thinner and thinner. Eventually, some areas of the pipe will begin to get so weak that water actually drips through them, creating a tiny but powerful pinhole leak.

As the name implies, they’re usually the size of just a pinhole.

Dealing With a Pinhole Leak: Towels, Tips, and Other DIY Strategies

When encountering a leak, the first and most important thing a homeowner can do is call for plumbing support. If you’ve got a master plumber on hand, then they should be the ones to handle the job. Otherwise, head on over to our “contact us” page where you can get in touch with a pro quickly.

However, just calling a professional plumber isn’t enough. It will still take some time for them to get to your home and address the problem. And depending on how bad the situation is, you might be itching for some things you can do right now. Well, there are some handy strategies that you can employ.

First, use towels to mop up any leaking water. You can even shut off your home’s access to water, but with a pinhole leak that likely won’t make much of a difference. Then, look for signs of growing mold near the leak, since that will need to be scrubbed down and cleaned. And finally, examine the area around the leak so you can convey to the plumber what should be avoided or the severity of the problem.

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