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Do You Need to Replace Your Water Heater for Oil to Gas Conversions?

If any of the major appliances in your home run on oil or propane, you know just how much of a chore it can be to maintain them. You frequently have to get your oil tank refilled, which is a hassle in itself. Furthermore, you get stuck with the bill, which turns this inconvenience into a real nuisance. Thankfully, natural gas is one of the cheapest utilities available, and can be used for many household appliances like boilers, furnaces, and water heaters. If you want to make the switch for your home, a trained contractor is usually available in your area who is certified to perform such work.

But if you’ve been considering switching your appliances from oil to natural gas, you may have a few questions for your technician. The first question many homeowners ask is whether they’ll need to replace their older unit. Is it possible to convert an existing oil unit to natural gas? Or will I need to install an entirely new system? This will depend on many factors of your particular unit, but some of the details are described below.

Many contractors can actually convert some oil units into natural gas burning units. To do so, they must use oil-to-gas conversion kits compatible with your particular burner. A conversion burner can be installed in many residential heating appliances so that a technician can professionally hook up your home to a gas line.

Unfortunately, oil-to-gas conversion isn’t always possible. Some oil appliances simply were not built to use anything but oil to run and are not compatible with an oil-to-gas conversion kit. Oftentimes, homeowners find out that the only way to get natural gas to their appliances is by replacing the entire unit. However, there are many benefits to installing a new unit anyway.

Your new water heater or other gas appliances may be very efficient, saving you even more every month over an older oil appliance. Besides, a newer unit does not have any worn down parts, so you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs or breakdowns for a long time to come. Call the experts at SPS Mechanical Inc. to convert or replace your water heater and other appliances in Sicklerville and the surrounding area and to learn how you can convert any other oil appliance as well.

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