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Do You Need Repiping?

“Why do I need repiping?” You’re probably asking yourself, “I’ve already got regular piping.” While that might be true, many homeowners don’t actually know that deteriorating plumbing systems can lower a family’s quality of life. There are many signs that could lead you to believe that your pipes are in bad shape, and that’s where repiping comes in!

Sure, your pipes might still carry water from one place to another, but do they leak as well? Do you deal with discolored water or low water pressure? That means your pipes aren’t in the condition they need to be in. Repiping isn’t just a phrase that plumbers came up with to score an extra buck or service call, it’s a real procedure that can give your plumbing system the power it requires and give you functioning pipes for years to come. Don’t just wait to call an emergency plumber in Sewell, NJ today. Invest in repiping and keep your system running emergency-free!

Signs of Deterioration

Pipes aren’t exactly subtle about telling you that they need help. They might creak, leak, or clog, and the water that they give you might taste funny or have poor water pressure. While one of these issues might be a nuisance, all or any of them happening at once can be a signal that your piping system has been running suboptimally for a long time!

  • Discolored Water. Many homeowners interact with discolored water. Sometimes it can be a signal that your pipes are starting to rust, and sometimes it can be a dangerous sign that your pipes are infected with mold. Don’t hesitate to call a plumber today about locating the issue and scheduling repiping services.
  • Low Water Pressure. When pipes are too old, they can often be broken, misshapen, or full of leaks and clogs which will inevitably impact water pressure. Many homeowners mistakenly believe their degrading water pressure is normal when it can and should be fixed as soon as possible!
  • Strange Tastes. Minerals, rust, and mold can change the taste and composition of your water. While every home will have its own unique flavor which isn’t bad, if your water quality is stopping you from using it or drinking it, then there’s definitely a problem in your plumbing that needs to be addressed by a professional.
  • Frequent Leaks and Clogs. While this could impact the water pressure, this can also be a problem on its own that is caused by a degrading pipe system. Repiping is a good way to get rid of clogs and leaks automatically since the leaky or clogged pipes are appropriately replaced!
  • Mold Growth. Leaky pipes can cause water damage in areas of your home but they can also contribute to a growth of mold. We talk about mold a lot in our blogs because mold can be a danger to you and your family if you aren’t careful. Repiping can take care of the source that’s causing the mold problem.

While this all sounds pretty negative, there’s a silver lining! The good news is that repiping service will deal with all of these problems at once. Don’t believe us? Call today to speak with an expert and get professional, top quality service!

Give SPS Mechanical Inc. a call today to schedule repiping services. Comfort at your service!

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