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Plumbing FAQ: Why Does My Toilet Frequently Overflow?

Are you frustrated because your toilet frequently overflows? A clogged toilet is a common issue, but if your toilet overflows, then it can be a real hassle. One of the first things you can do is shut off the water valve to your toilet. This stops the flow of water, and should be the first action you take if your toilet is  overflowing. Next, call a plumber for expert service. A professional plumber will be able to ensure that the problem is taken care of promptly. Call the Cherry Hill plumbing experts at SPS Mechanical if you’re having any problems with your toilet.

  • Foreign object: While most homeowners are aware of the dangers of putting anything other than organic waste down the toilet, accidents do happen. Toys, bars of soap, diapers, clothes, and a variety of other objects have all found their way into the toilet at one time or another. These foreign objects can cause severe clogs that cannot often be easily dislodged by a plunger, or even an auger. They often get stuck in the toilet trap, which is that S-shaped bend that allows your toilet to fill back up to a certain water level without going down the drain, while also preventing sewer smells from moving back up into the home.
  • Blocked drain vent: Your wastewater disposal system works on gravity alone to remove wastewater from your home. But in order to do so, it requires adequate ventilation. Think of a straw with one end covered by your finger. The liquid in the straw will not move so long as one end remains covered. This vacuum is analogous to the one inside your plumbing system. You need to make sure that your drain vent is not blocked for some reason. This may occur at the local level, or it could occur at the top of the main vent stack that goes through the roof.

There are other possible reasons why your toilet is overflowing, but an accurate diagnosis must be performed by a professional. Call SPS Mechanical today for comprehensive Cherry Hill plumbing services. 

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