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Are Pinhole Leaks a Serious Problem?

“Pinhole leaks.” The name sound fairly innocuous: only the smallest leak possible that can appear along your pipes. Not really a big deal, probably something you can put off until you need a more serious plumbing repair, and then you can schedule whatever simple sealing will fix the trouble.

However, this is all far from the truth. Pinhole leaks are indeed a serious problem and one of the major issues that can occur with your plumbing, and they often go without notice until they have turned into much bigger problems. The U.S. EPA has identified pinhole leaks as a huge danger to homes and plumbing systems.

If you detect pinhole leaks, or any kind of leaking, in your home in West Deptford, NJ, plumbing experts like those at SPS Mechanical Inc. can help you solve the problem fast, before it causes any further damage.

Pinhole Leaks: What They Are and Why They Are Serious

EPA researchers have gathered data on how pinhole leaks occur. They appear to be the result of “a localized copper corrosion called pitting corrosion,” although the EPA is unsure of what causes this type of corrosion in the first place, since copper pipes are mostly resistant to other forms of corrosion. The pinhole leaks that result from this weakening along the copper pipes are tiny, only the size of a pinhead, but large enough to allow a small amount of water to start to drip out.

The dripping, usually occurring where you cannot detect that it is happening, will quickly build up and soak into the building material of your home. The EPA has found that the water from pinhole leaks damages drywall, warps wood flooring, and encourages mold growth, which will cause further damage to material. If not caught and repaired, the damage these small leaks can cause will eventually lead to the need for expensive repairs and possible health risks from collapsing material.

Call for Plumbing Repair Service

What can you do about pinhole leaks if they are often so hard to detect in the first place? One of your best defenses is to schedule maintenance on your plumbing: a routine visit from a trained plumber will identify hard-to-find plumbing issues and have them repaired before they turn worse. Pinhole leaking needs immediate fixing, so should you discover leaking anywhere in your house, call in experts in plumbing in West Deptford, NJ.

SPS Mechanical Inc. offers 24-hour emergency services whenever you need help to stop pinhole or any other type of leaks. Call us today.

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