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Are Lead Pipes an Emergency?

Lead has been used in pipes since the days of ancient Rome. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that can easily be formed and constructed into pipe materials for homes, but there’s a big caveat to this—it’s poisonous.

The science has been in for decades and lead pipes can cause lead poisoning when freshwater is flowing through them. If you’ve got lead pipes that are transporting water to your sinks, shower, or other appliances, then you need the help of an emergency plumber in Sewell, NJ to completely replace them.

However, not all lead pipes are created equal. While old pipes should definitely be replaced by newer, more reliable ones, you might not have to worry as much about lead pipes if they’re not threatening your clean water.

Let’s talk more about the specifics below, and be sure to call our emergency hotline if your lead pipes are leaking or endangering your family.

It Depends Where the Lead Pipes Are Located

The first and most important thing to remember about lead pipes is that lead is toxic to ingest. This means that your main water line, or any of the pipes leading into your plumbing appliances should not be made out of lead.

If you suspect these pipes are made out of lead, then we would constitute this as an emergency and you’d need to have them replaced ASAP. An easy way to tell if your pipe is made out of lead is by lightly scratching the outside of it with a quarter or a screwdriver, and if it makes a silver streak, then your pipes are lead.

One thing to consider is if your sewer or drain pipes are made out of lead. They might not be as much of an emergency. There’s much less of a concern with contamination when it comes to sewer pipes, because we don’t ingest anything from pipes that run wastewater. This will still be an issue, but at least it’s not an emergency.

Lead Pipes Are Often Very Old

Before you’re relieved that the only pipes in your home with lead are your sewer or septic pipes, be warned—this can still be a problem. Nobody uses lead anymore, and lead pipes haven’t been installed for decades. Your lead pipes are most likely very old and need to be replaced anyway.

The problem with lead pipes is that even if they aren’t an emergency plumbing situation, they still need to be replaced. Copper and PVC pipes are much better at providing you with drainage and sewer management than lead.

Think of it this way: if your old lead pipes leak or rupture, you could have a sewer leak. This is definitely something you want to avoid.

We Can Help With Pipe Replacement

Luckily, when you’ve got a licensed master plumber on hand, pipe replacement isn’t hard. We’ve been replacing lead pipes with copper or PVC piping for years and we’re professionals. If you call us and explain your situation to us, we’ll help you as quickly as we can.

Get your lead pipes removed and replaced today by calling SPS Mechanical Inc. Comfort At Your Service.

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