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5 New Advancements in Plumbing Technology

Innovation is a key cornerstone of our company’s success. We wouldn’t still be in this industry, providing regular work for customers, if we didn’t have access to some of the most cutting-edge technology being developed.

It’s not that simple either; our staff needs to be adequately trained and experienced on each bit of technology that comes out. An untrained customer or staff member who tries to use a hydro jet or high-tech system for trenchless water line replacement in Gloucester County, NJ could end up injuring themselves and causing major problems for a home. This is why we match our great equipment with plumbers who are certified to use them.

What are some of these incredible modern marvels we’re talking about? Don’t worry, that’s what this blog post is all about. Keep reading and let us show you how your local plumbing team is staying ahead of the curve.

1. Hydro Jetting

Let’s start with one of our favorite technological advancements–the hydro jet. This powerful system uses a high-pressured water spigot at the end of an auger that gets lowered into your clogged drain. With just a bit of elbow grease and pressurized water, this system is a reliable way to remove any and all clogs that might be in your drain.

Kiss those awful toxic chemicals goodbye–it turns out the best solution to this kind of problem is all-natural water. Just make sure you hire a professional that’s certified for this kind of work.

2. Video Pipe Inspection

Back in the day, customers had to just trust the opinion of their local plumber when they were told something was wrong. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you trust your plumber, but it’s not ideal for customers on a budget or who are trying to be careful.

Video pipe inspection is an affordable, high-tech service where we lower a camera into your pipe so we can physically show you what’s going on. Then, you don’t just have to take our word for it; you can see the problem itself and work with us for a solution.

3. Moisture Meters and Detectors

Leaks can be insidious in a home, and they’re often hard to detect. But recent technological advancements have made it easier than ever to spot them, from a plumber’s point of view.

We have high-tech moisture meters and detectors that can simply be pointed at a location (or sometimes they need to touch the spot) and they’ll give us an accurate reading if there’s excess moisture there. This is usually due to a leak that we can then target and fix.

4. Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Years ago, in order to have a main water line installed or replaced, we had to dig up giant trenches on your property. It wasn’t ideal at all, but it was the only way we could do this work.

Now, we have trenchless technology, which means we can completely replace your pipe with a powerful resin without having to dig up any ground at all! Your garden will thank us for this one.

5. Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals were big in the 70s and 80s, but they went out of style. They’re coming back with a vengeance due to how environmentally friendly and effective they are for customers who are concerned with food waste. Instead of sending wasted food to a landfill, a garbage disposal will churn it into a paste where it can be treated at a water treatment plant through natural means!

For more high-tech solutions, contact SPS Mechanical Inc. Comfort At Your Service.

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