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3 Ways to Prevent Toilet Backflow

Your toilet is in a pretty tricky spot. It’s an essential piece of plumbing equipment, which means that it’s vital for pretty much every home and every bathroom. They’re a part of modern living.

However, they also serve as a one-way gate to the sewer or septic system. What you flush down the toilet has to end up somewhere, but that place shouldn’t be able to send anything back up through the toilet. That’s what we call backflow, and it can be a huge problem for customers with old or broken toilets.

Luckily, toilets work with some fundamental physical properties that help them steer clear of sewer backflow. This means we can provide essential repairs to help eliminate toilet backflow in Gloucester County, NJ.

Invest in a Sewer Flap Valve

Let’s start with the basics. When your toilet flushes, it sends waste through a valve that sends it into the sewer or septic system. This is an easy process and relies on both water and gravity to work effectively. However, when your sewer gets a little clogged up or encounters a problem, the valve can cease functioning effectively.

This is where we can help.

Our team can install a flapper on the valve to ensure that sewer waste doesn’t backflow into your toilet system. This will improve the water flow that flushes waste out, as well as keep waste from moving backward into your toilet system.

These flappers can be made out of various different materials and each toilet is going to be different, which means installation can be a bit tricky depending on your bathroom.

Replace Your Toilet

Sometimes, there’s just not much we can do for your toilet when it encounters this kind of problem. This is especially true with old or outdated toilets. They’re just not designed to last forever, and often we get so attached to them that we forget how old they really are.

If you’ve got a 60-year-old toilet in your home that’s constantly dealing with backflow, the issue might be more easily resolved by getting the toilet replaced in its entirety.

Not only is this a cost-effective solution, but it’s also an opportunity to have your toilet upgraded to a model with efficient water usage as well.

Get Your Sewer or Septic System Cleaned

One of the most important things we can do to alleviate a backflow problem in your toilet is to clean out your sewer. Think about it, there has to be a lot of backed-up waste in order for it to start affecting your first-floor appliances, and your toilet might not be the only victim to encounter backflow if the problem is bad.

A sewer cleaning can be simple and straightforward, but only for a licensed plumber with the right tools and expertise.

Trust a Professional for the Job

If you haven’t figured this out already, we understand. This job can be a nightmare for people who are untrained or unequipped to handle it. Keep living your life and let the expert plumbers from our team figure out a solution that works for you.

Contact SPS Mechanical Inc. to have your toilet diagnosed, repaired, or replaced. Comfort At Your Service.

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