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3 Tips to Take Care of Your Bathroom Plumbing

We talk about clogged drains a lot on this blog, and for good reason! Having a clogged drain can be a huge pain and end up putting a hold on your life when you least expect it. Being unable to use a drain or a faucet because it’s draining either slowly or not at all is a problem that needs to be solved correctly.

As your go-to plumbers in Woodbury, NJ, we’re fond of keeping both your kitchen and your bathroom plumbing as clear as possible. You can always call us if you’re having a problem that none of our tips can solve. Last time we posted about this, it was dealing specifically with kitchen drains, but this time we’d like to discuss what you can do to help your bathroom drains!

However, do you know what the best mitigation is for a clogged drain? Preventing one from occurring in the first place. Here’s how you can do that.

Prevention Is the Best Solution

What’s better than calling a plumber to have your drain clog repaired? Well, never having the drain clog in the first place! Sure, these are inevitable to happen in every home, but you can be the big difference that stops them from occurring as frequently as they do. Let’s talk about how that’s possible.

  • Cover your drains with a screen or hair catcher. Have you ever seen a sink with a mesh screen at the bottom where the drain is? No, this is not just an aesthetic piece to a bathroom drain, it serves a pretty great function that’s as helpful as it is simple. Having a mesh screen can help you stop food waste from flowing into your sink and eventually your pipes. Food waste is a huge contributor to clogged drains, so this screen can absolutely help decrease the frequency of clogs.
  • Simple grooming habits can help. When it comes to bathroom plumbing and drain clogs there, the obvious culprit most of the time is our hair! Thankfully, with a little bit of planning, we can prevent these kinds of drains from happening frequently as well. Taking the time to brush your hair before showering, or wiping your sink after shaving instead of sending it all down the drain, will help decrease the frequency of drain clogs caused by your hair.
  • Bathing pets outdoors. We know, your dog looks adorable when you’re washing them in the bathtub, but bathing a pet indoors is the easiest way to have a drain clog in the near future. Wait until a warm summer’s day when you can take out the hose and have some fun in the sun while you bathe your pet, so you never have to worry about pet hair clogging up your plumbing.

Sounds easy, right? We promise that taking the necessary precautions to mitigate drain clogs will help reduce plumbing costs. However, when you do need our help, be sure to contact us for quality plumbing work.

Call up the experts at SPS Mechanical Inc. if you’re dealing with a clogged drain. We promise we can help!

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