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3 Signs Your Plumbing Leak is Actually An Emergency

24-hour-serviceDo you think that the only type of plumbing leak that qualifies as an “emergency” is the type of leak that leaves you standing in 6″ of water? Think again. Sure, that is obviously an emergency situation requiring emergency plumbing services in Sewell, NJ, but it’s not the only one. In fact, there are quite a few scenarios in which we’d say that emergency plumbing services are justified and necessary. We’ll look at a few of them in today’s post.

We want to say first that assuming a problem can wait is one of the major causes of serious damages to plumbing systems and the property surrounding them. When in doubt, just reach out! Even if you don’t actually need an emergency plumber right then and there, you may need some answers right then and there. Our team can help you to determine what type of situation you’re dealing with. That way, you can take the guesswork out of your decision-making process.

Your Yard Is Pooling

Those homeowners that associate plumbing leaks with the indoor side of their systems are in for a rude awakening when they encounter this scenario. There may not be water all over the floor in your home, but a new swamp developing in the yard isn’t exactly a good situation to find yourself in, either. And if you have a flooded yard, it is very possible that you’re on the hook for the plumbing repairs.

What you’re likely looking at is a leak in your main water line. Whether or not that leak is your responsibility or not depends upon the actual location of your leak. If it’s on your property past a certain point, then it’s your responsibility to have it repaired. If it’s far enough out to the point of connection or beyond, it may fall on the municipality. Whatever the case, this type of leak is certainly something that you don’t want to let languish.

Your Water Heater Tank Is Leaking

Well, that’s not that big of a deal. I’ll just shut the water off.

Sure, but what about the gallons and gallons of hot water in your water heater already? That’s all going to come out and spill all over your floor if you just leave things be. And yes, you can grab a bucket and start draining it yourself. It’s tedious, but it’ll need to be done.

The real emergency factor here is that you’re not waiting to schedule repairs. If you’ve got a leaking water heater tank, then you’re looking at a replacement. You probably value the hot water that you use in your home, but you’ll really start to see how vital it is when you’re suddenly left without it!

Your Property Smells Like Sewage

Did you just cringe a little bit when you read that sentence? Hey, we’re plumbers, and let us tell you—sewage is sewage, regardless of how often you smell it. It’s never pleasant, and the potential leaky sewer line is something that you need fixed immediately.  Probably not much more needs to be said on this particular matter.

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