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3 Signs You Need a New Toilet

The more bathrooms a house has, the better. Seriously, a house with three bathrooms will always be worth more than a house with two or one. They’re an essential part of living and they’re necessary for hygiene and comfort. While a bathroom might not have a shower or a tub, every bathroom in a home has one thing in common—a toilet.

Toilets are one of the most important appliances in your home and finding out whether your toilet has issues that need to be fixed is an important task. After all, when you’ve got a toilet with issues, that could be one less operable bathroom for your friends, family, and yourself!

Today we’re going to focus on toilet plumbing in West Deptford. More specifically, we’re going to talk about three unique signs that might clue you that your toilet needs to be replaced.

#1: Your Toilet Is Leaking

The first and most important piece of the toilet puzzle is dealing with leaks. A leaking toilet is never a good thing and it can sometimes turn into a hygienic problem with your home. Since your toilet is responsible for removing waste from your home, it’s even more important that those sewage pipes don’t leak often.

If you’re constantly dealing with leaks from your toilet, then it’s only a matter of time before you run into a serious problem. The internal components of a toilet can start to fail over time and constant leaks are a signal that you should replace your toilet with a new one.

#2: Your Toilet Is Coming Off the Floor or Rotting Away

One important thing we often get called about is toilets that are breaking their floor seal. This can happen over time and eventually causes more leaks to happen or structural problems with the bathroom floor and the toilet itself.

If you can easily lift your toilet up from the ground, then chances are it needs to be replaced. It should be sturdily fastened to the ground to create a seal so the pipes don’t rupture or leak.

Also, some toilets are constructed with plastic or painted materials that can start rotting away over time. If your toilet is chipping, rotting, or dissolving with every use, then we highly advise you get it replaced with a sturdier toilet.

#3: Your Toilet Is Constantly Clogging

A clogging toilet might sound like an inconvenience, but sometimes it can be worse than that. Clogs don’t miraculously go away on their own, and they will likely keep occurring in an older toilet that’s not as clean or new. Also, a constantly clogging toilet could have aged drainage pipes that make it harder to use.

Basically, a sign that a toilet has reached replacement age is consistent clogging. Newer toilets have better water efficiency and power, so they don’t clog as easily. Your older toilet might be clogging while wasting water at the same time. Make your life more convenient by investing in a new toilet that can keep you comfortable.

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