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3 Plumbing Tips for Your DIY Home Project

Are you planning to add a pool or spa to your backyard? Perhaps you need to add or change some structural components of your home that requires digging into your yard. Perhaps you plan to add in a garden or improve a fence. Any time you plan to do anything that involves accessing more than a foot into the ground, it’s critical to follow a few basic steps to minimize a plumbing problem later. Of course, when possible, turn to a professional for plumbing in Deptford Township, NJ, instead of doing it yourself.

What You Need to Do Before You Dig 

No matter what type of work you are doing, there are three important steps you need to take to minimize the risk of hitting a plumbing pipe and creating a very big mess that needs repairs. 

#1: Call 8-11 

Before doing anything else, call 8-11. In most areas, this is a free service that will come to your home and mark where there are water lines (as well as gas lines or other utility structures) on your property. It is good to do this before you dig any hole or trench on your property. This service just needs to know what you are planning to do and where. They will then come to your home, use their measurements and records to find and mark water lines and gas lines, especially as they connect to the street or public access, and leave. There is no charge for this, but it does provide you with answers.

#2: Mark the Property

In some cases, 8-11 will mark these lines for you with flags planted into the ground. However, it is good to use biodegradable spray paint to draw the lines out from there as they run to your home or other areas on your property. This paint makes it very clear where the lines run throughout the property, so you can avoid those areas well. Be sure to be generous and keep clear of the area a bit further from those lines, too.

#3: Talk to Your Neighbors

A big final step is to talk to your neighbors. You don’t always have to tell them what you are doing, but you do want to be sure you understand where the property line is. If you will be crossing that line in any way, it’s best to get their permission before a shovel hits the ground. That helps to ensure that their rights are protected, and you do not end up with a conflict down the road over a misunderstanding. You may hope they do the same for you one day.

Don’t Go it Alone

One of the most important things you can do for yourself when it comes to plumbing is to have a professional handle it for you. Working with a team of pros helps eliminate the risk of a complication later.

For help with your plumbing, contact SPS Mechanical Inc. Comfort At Your Service!

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