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3 Plumbing Installations You May Need

You plumbing system consists of many important components that work together to provide you with all of the conveniences that go along with modern plumbing. You may feel as if your plumbing system works adequately as-is. However, there are a few plumbing installations that could greatly improve not only your plumbing system but your quality of life as well. Call the plumbers at SPS Mechanical Inc. for more information about how you can get these plumbing installations in Sicklerville and check our guide.

Water Heater

Of course, you probably already have a water heater installed in your home. However, you may not have the most efficient water heater for your particular needs. If your water heater is oversized, it will use up more energy than your family needs to use. But if it’s undersized, you may not get enough hot water in your home. We can resize your new water heater unit in order to make sure it accommodates your family members’ needs. We can also help you select between a tank and tankless model if you’re considering more options for your home.

Water Treatment System

A water treatment system can improve the quality of the water throughout your entire home. While many homeowners rely on localized filters that remove contaminants from only one area of the home, this ignores the reality that these contaminants exist throughout the entire home. Filter contaminants from the entire water supply with a filter or specialty cartridge, or a reverse osmosis system, one of the most effective water filtration systems. We also install chemical feed pumps to eliminate contaminants from the water in your well.

Garbage Disposal

If you need a new garbage disposal unit, the installation cannot wait. Garbage disposals protect your plumbing from clogs that can eventually allow waste to backup through your drains. Make cleanup and cooking easier by installing a new garbage disposal unit for your kitchen sink. You can even upgrade your existing unit to one with better horsepower if you want yours to be more effective.

Call our plumbers at SPS Mechanical Inc. for plumbing services in Sicklerville. We offer new installation or repairs and maintenance for your existing units.

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