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HVAC Tip: Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Ducts circulate the heated and cooled air from your HVAC system throughout your home. They exist inside the walls and underneath your floors. Duct cleaning, therefore, is an essential part of maintaining the health of your heating system. At times, you may feel that the indoor air quality of your home is suffering, that the filtered air is no longer as fresh as it once was, or that you smell something musty. All of these can be indications that you may benefit from a duct cleaning by a local Sewell, NJ HVAC contractor.

The quality of air you breathe in your home or business ultimately depends upon the cleanliness of your ducts. By checking for excessive dust and other debris in your ducts, from the air handler through the various conduits, take-offs and branches, dampers and plenums, all the way to the diffusers and grilles, a duct cleaning professional can ensure the efficiency and  effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. The first step in this process is to pay attention to various indicators:  the need to sweep or dust more often, if you experience headaches or congestion when you wake up in the morning, blocked airflow in parts of your home, or a stale odor when turning on the furnace or the air conditioner. If you or any of your family members experience any of these problems, please call a local Sewell, NJ HVAC professional. Cleaning your ducts will not only give you some relief, but also some peace of mind. There is no substitute for knowing that your heating system is in top form during the cold months.

Think of duct cleaning as important to the health of your home as mopping the kitchen floor, or vacuuming the bedroom. Protecting the integrity of your home is as simple as scheduling a professional duct inspection and cleaning. Call SPS Mechanical today.    

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