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Does an Air Purifier Improve The Smell of Your Home?

Yes, but as always the answer is much more complicated than just one word! Air purifiers deeply impact the scent of a house, but for a variety of different reasons. Healthier and fresher air always smells better than dirty, stale air, but the question is why?

Contaminated air has some pollutants in it that our noses detect in certain ways. But, over time, we can get accustomed to certain contaminants so that our noses don’t pick them up anymore. That can lead to our homes having an uncomfortable odor even if the people living there don’t pick up on it.

Air purifier service in Gloucester, NJ can be a huge help in trying to combat foul odors or the absence of good odors in your home. This blog will get into the science of how UV air purifiers work and why they can be a net positive on the comfort and overall scent of your house.

Let’s Start With Molds and Mildews

When people imagine mold or mildew, there is a specific type or smell that they’re thinking of. But in truth, there are several different types of molds and mildews that can be found inside of a home, some of which come from our pets!

Pets can get dirty, wet, and eventually lose hair and skin cells which become nutrition for mold that is either growing on them or somewhere in your home. This can lead a house to have a dirty, mold-like smell that just doesn’t go away (or gets associated with our adorable, furry friends). It’s not your pet’s fault, it’s just a natural element of pet ownership in a home.

The good news is that a UV air purifier directly treats this contaminant in the air. These systems irradiate mold spores and stop them from spreading, essentially leaving the rest of the job up to your conventional cleaning materials. But after some quick spring cleaning, your home will smell fresh and clean, even with your pets!

Bacteria and Food Smells

If you do a lot of cooking in your home, then good for you! It’s very environmentally friendly and energy efficient to cook at home since you don’t need disposable food containers, and you’re not driving anywhere or wasting much. However, all of that cooking can do a number on the smells in your home, since food waste can really cause your home’s air to suffer.

After a certain period of time, fresh food (or fresh food waste) can grow bacteria which is often picked up by our noses. This is not a very good smell to have around. The nice part is–just like with mold spores–a UV air purifier will irradiate those bacteria cells that make it into the air and make them harmless.

Viruses, Diapers, and More!

Your kids might bring home a friend who has an illness that causes everyone to get sick and the scent of your home to suffer. Or, you might have a certain “dirty diaper” smell in a room that just won’t leave. An air purifier will help with all of these problems by attacking the source of the problem directly–the contaminants themselves. Couple an air purifier with conventional cleaning supplies like wipes, gloves, paper towels, and a duster, and you’re ready to make your home smell fresh and clean!

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