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4 Signs It’s Time for a Duct Inspection

duct-sealing“Duct services” isn’t something that we mark on our calendars and count down toward. In fact, if your HVAC system is relatively new, there’s really no need to think of it except on an as-needed basis.

However, once your HVAC system starts to take on a few years, it’s not a bad idea to have your ducts inspected annually. As you’re about to learn, issues in the ducts can contribute to some major inefficiencies and comfort issues in your home. Learning to recognize when you need duct services can do a lot of good in helping you stay comfortable and improve your HVAC energy savings.

Here are four signs that you should schedule an inspection of your ducts:

1. Unexplainable Drop in Efficiency

We recommend that all homeowners with HVAC systems should be monitoring their monthly energy bills quite closely. They should also be using a programmable thermostat and trying their best to stick to a regular heating and cooling schedule, as well as keeping up with regular maintenance.

Why? Well, those things help contribute to a low and predictable monthly energy bill. So if your energy bill gradually starts rising, or suddenly spikes, you can bet that your system is becoming less efficient. If you’ve determined that it’s not due to a repair issue in the unit, nor is it due to you or your family changing their cooling and heating habits, then there’s a strong chance that the ducts are to blame.

When there are significant leaks in your air ducts, up to 30% of the air that flows through them can become lost. More often than not, your inefficiency will begin with a very gradual increase until it reaches that level, so don’t hesitate to call in for an inspection just because your bill hasn’t skyrocketed.

2. Your Home is Old

Your air conditioner or heater might be brand-new, but that doesn’t necessarily say anything about your ducts. In many homes, the air ducts were installed when the house was built. A 15-year-old home could be housing 15-year-old ducts. By then, the ducts may have already begun to deteriorate or come loose. Even if your AC or heater is in great shape, it means nothing if the ducts themselves are incapable of delivering the air properly.

3. Uneven Heating Through the Home

Do some rooms of the home seem to heat or cool just as they should, and others tend to take longer? It’s not just you—it could be that your home is being unevenly heated. If you’re not feeling enough air in one room, there could be a duct leak that’s preventing it from receiving air.

4. Lowered Air Quality

Your ducts are stashed away in your ceilings or in your crawlspaces. And on the other side of those ducts is mostly dirt, debris, dust, and other unsanitary things that you often find in crawlspaces and attics. A leak in your ducts is sure to suck in some of that bad air just as much as it will expel the good air from indoors. It’s enough that you might notice the effects in your home.

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