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Heating Guide: How Radiant Heating Works

You may have heard the term “radiant heat” talked about in reference to a home heating system. It’s one of two basic types of home heating, the other being “forced air” systems which push warm air throughout your home to raise the temperature. Radiant heating tends to be a more effective and cost-friendly way to keep your house cozy on a cold day. In towns like Woodbury, NJ, heating systems need to be effective in order to keep winter at bay without breaking the bank, making radiant heating an attractive option for homeowners. Here’s how radiant heating works.

It starts with the floor. A radiant heating system places a series of tubes or coils beneath the floorboards. Which one? That depends on the type of radiant heating system. Hydronic systems pump water through tubes; a furnace or boiler then heats the water to warm the tubes. In the case of electric systems, the tubes are replaced by electric coils protected within a heat-conducting mat.

Regardless of the system, the results are the same. The coils/tubes warm up the floor, which in turn warms up other objects in the room (including people). The heat is mild enough to let you walk around barefoot without pain, and it’s safe on furniture and curtains as well. Because it starts at the floor, very little of the heat escapes through the ceiling, increasing overall efficiency and lowering your heating costs as a result. Radiant heating isn’t subjected to the vagaries of air flow, allowing the whole space to be heated evenly and preventing the circulation of dust and similar particles from blowing air. Zone controls allow you to tailor a radiant heating system to heat only those areas that you want, further saving you money.

The specifics of installing a radiant system depend on the particulars of your house, but you can consult a trained professional on how radiant heating works and what version works best for you. For Woodbury, NJ heating issues, talk to SPS Mechanical. We serve all of Southern New Jersey, and our qualified experts are available 24 hours day. Call us to set up an appointment today!

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