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Why You Should Switch To a Natural Gas Boiler

Boilers can be great heating systems for your home. They heat evenly and maintain good moisture control during the winter months, and have energy efficiency comparable to other systems. But you have a choice of fuel when it comes to your boiler in Cherry Hill: oil or natural gas. And if you have been using oil, you may want to consider converting your system to natural gas. Why? We’ll outline some reasons below, but remember that any boiler installation or replacement services should be handled only by trained technicians. The NATE-certified technicians at SPS Mechanical Inc., can help you convert to your boiler to natural gas – call us today.

Some Benefits of Switching to a Natural Gas Boiler

Here are some benefits of using natural gas instead of oil for your boiler:

  • Versatility – natural gas can be used for a number of appliances in addition to your heating system, such as hot water heaters, dryers and stoves. Oil can only be used for your heating and hot water.
  • Clean burning – with natural gas, there is no soot or odors as there can be with oil.
  • Easier maintenance – because oil heaters tend to get dirtier, they can require more extensive maintenance. As discussed above, gas burns cleanly, which makes maintenance easier and less costly.
  • Convenience – natural gas can be piped into your home, so you never have to worry about running out or managing delivery, as you do with oil.
  • May cost less – traditionally, natural gas costs less than oil, which can save you money each heating season.
  • Better energy efficiency – the AFUE rating of gas boilers averages 89% while the AFUE rating of oil boilers is about 80%. This can be a significant savings for some households.
  • Gas-powered boilers usually cost less – boilers that use gas to heat the water are typically less expensive systems to buy.

Items to Note About Conversion

There are costs associated with converting from oil to natural gas. These costs can involve the removal of an old oil tank and/or the removal of an old oil boiler if you are replacing it. There may be additional costs if your oil tank is buried, as excavation will be necessary to remove it.

If you have been thinking about converting your boiler in Cherry Hill to natural gas, call the experts who can help you with every step of the process: SPS Mechanical Inc.

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