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Why Should I Schedule a Ductwork Inspection?

Without your ductwork, there is no delivery of cool (or warm) air to your home. And with faulty ductwork, the air delivery can be compromised. Because your ductwork lives behind walls, in attics and through crawlspaces, it can be easy to forget about it. Unfortunately, like other parts of your air conditioning system, your ductwork can develop holes and cracks, and sections can become damaged and disconnect. One of the best ways to avoid large problems with your ductwork is to schedule an annual inspection with your annual maintenance appointment. And should you need duct cleanings service for your Mullica Hill property, SPS Mechanical, Inc., has the professionals to get it done.

What Is a Ductwork Inspection?

A ductwork inspection can be a thorough visual inspection, in which camera equipment is used to inspect the entirety of your ductwork for problems; an inspection can also consist of testing your ductwork for leaks, which is a much more precise process that determines exactly what ducts may be leaking air.

How Is Duct Testing Done?

There are two ways in which duct testing can be done: the pressurized subtraction method and the duct testing method. With the pressurized subtraction method, a high-powered fan is set up in a doorway and connected to pressure gauges. Your entire space is then pressurized with the fan, first with the ducts open, then with the ducts closed, to help determine where air leaks may exist.

The duct testing method uses a calibrated fan to gently pressurize the ducts. While it does this, gauges measure the airflow through the ducts to determine if there are leaks, and if so, measures the leakage. Instead of a large, high-powered fan, the duct testing method utilizes a smaller portable fan with calibrated digital pressure gauges that connect to the blower of your indoor air handler. All ducts are sealed for the test and the fan is turned on to pressurize the system. The gauges tell what the pressure is, and if the pressure is found to be outside acceptable limits, repair and/or sealing of the ducts will most likely be recommended.

Why Schedule a Ductwork Inspection?

Your ductwork is an integral part of your air conditioning system. Problems from your ductwork can decrease energy efficiency and indoor air quality, as well as stress your AC system. Scheduling a duct inspection can help determine whether or not you need duct cleaning or repair in Mullica Hill. Have questions? Call SPS Mechanical, Inc., today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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