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Why You Might Want to Install a Boiler System This Winter

boiler-installationThere are a lot of different home heating systems available on the market today, each of which is suited to a different set of individual circumstances. If you’re in the market for a new home heating system, it’s a good idea that you take a close look at each heating system type.

That way, you can determine which one would provide the most benefit for your needs before installing it. Have a look at some of the unique qualities a boiler can bring to the table, including the advantages it can offer to your home this winter.

Boiler Differences

A boiler system operates very differently from that of a more traditional forced air heater. Instead of heating air and blowing it throughout the house, a boiler will heat water and distribute it through a series of small pipes installed under the floor of each room. The heat from the water in the pipes will radiate up from them, through the floor, and into the room to warm it.

This method of heating is called radiant heating. Boiler systems often cost a little more than a forced air system to install in a home, mainly because most homes are not already outfitted properly to immediately make use of one. Still, considering the advantages that this kind of system provides, many homeowners consider the added upfront investment to be well worth it.

Advantages of Using a Boiler System

There are a lot of different advantages that you can garner from using a boiler system to heat your home. The first is that of energy efficiency. Water is actually a much better thermal medium than air is when it comes to transporting heat through a home. It holds more heat, and it does it for longer than air does. This means that it takes less energy for a boiler to keep a home properly heated than it does for a forced air system to do it.

Boilers are also better for the comfort of the people in the home than forced air systems. When hot air is pumped into a room, it will naturally rise to the ceiling and sink as it cools. This can create uncomfortable striations in the home’s air, where it’s actually quite cold in one part of the room even though the heater is on full blast. A boiler heats a room from the floor upwards, and it does it by transferring heat between objects rather than through the air. This keeps all the warmth near the floor of the room, where it can be enjoyed properly.

Finally, a boiler is actually less likely to develop issues that require repairs than other heating systems. This is because a boiler has fewer moving parts than other heating system types, which means there are fewer ways for a part to break down. These are just a few of the many advantages that a boiler system can offer you.

SPS Mechanical Inc. offers comprehensive boiler installation services in Sewell, NJ. If you need a new boiler installed in your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians.  

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